Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday Thought

Today I am not here. I know I seem like I am here, but I am not. I am actually in a tiny town called Jefferson TX living my wildest fiction writing fantasy. I am getting to hang out with some writers I have loved for a long time and meet some writers I've always wanted to meet. I am getting to meet some new writer friends and meet a bunch of women who love to read. In other words, I am at Girlfriends Weekend!!
Next week I am hoping to post pictures of my adventures in Jefferson TX with the Pulpwood Queens. I can't wait to share about my experience at this weekend that I've heard described as crazy and unreal and most of all FUN. Anytime a bunch of writer types gather with a bunch of reader types you're guaranteed for hilarity and hijinks to ensue.
I am sure this weekend will not disappoint. Stay tuned for updates...
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Danette said...

I love Jefferson! It is a lovely town! Have fun!!!

Zibilee said...

I hope you have a wonderful time out there, Marybeth!