Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday Thought: One Year Later

Tomorrow is an important anniversary for our family-- one that we've talked about off and on in the past few weeks. Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the day Curt lost his job. We are a different family now than we were then. A better one. Isn't that always true of anything you go through? You wouldn't want to go through it again, and yet you look back and see the positive changes the trial brought about in your life?

I don't know what we will do to mark the day. I know that Curt's been thinking about it a lot. I know that we feel very blessed that he is employed one year later. He's joked about taking biscuits to his former office (he had brought biscuits into the office that morning and his boss actually asked him for a biscuit after he fired him... true story!). I will be attending the P31 Christmas get-together and getting to see a friend of the ministry who has walked through the trial of breast cancer this year. I will get to celebrate with her that we've both come through our trials with changed perspectives, a broader scope that makes us better people.

Most of all, I intend to smile a lot tomorrow, and to thank God throughout the day-- not just for the provision of a job, but for the lessons we've learned. One year later we've grown. One year later we've experienced Him in a whole new way. One year later we have more to be thankful for. One year later we know that He is the answer. We knew that one year ago, but we've lived it one year later.
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Anonymous said...


I commented on you blog during last year at this time, we were also in a period of unemployment. My husband is now in a job he really enjoys and has a great deal of potential--much better than the one he was let go from. I am savoring this feeling of being past that hard time and grateful for the growth in our marriage and family as a result. I think it is so important to savor and reflect on God's faithfulness. Merry Christmas.

Allison Morrison said...

Isn't great to be able to look back at something that at the time was life-shattering and realize that He used it for good?
When we're walking through it sometimes it looks impossible, but when we get to the other side and look back we can see how He was 'all over it' all along!!

Zibilee said...

Wow, Marybeth, how weird! my husband lost his job right around this time last year as well and was out of work for 6 months. I am glad to hear that this is a better year for you and I am praying for continued blessings on you and your family.

Shelly said...


I have a similar story to yours, Marybeth. I am SO thankful for the lessons learned and growth, too.


Kandi said...

I am in a period of unemployment right now, although I am still not employed there have been so many positive changes that have happened these last six months, changes I don't think would have happened had I not lost my job. Although at times scary and uncertain I look back on all the times in my life when God has been faithful, when I got something better back than what it was that I had lost. Thank you for this post, you have no idea how encouraging it was to read this.

Anonymous said...

Hi MaryBeth, fairly new to your blog. Found you after starting your for the write reason bible study: feeling God's call for the rest of my life..thank you. Writing this because one year ago I almost left my husband for another man. Times were much different then. Don't want to relive that, but I have drawn much closer to the Lord and my faith and marriage are stronger than ever. Thanks for all you do!

Cynthia said...

It's amazing how time always passes. Things are never as bad as they seem at the beginning. I love how God makes all things work out for us.

KarenW said...

Trials do make us better people by bringing us closer to God. So glad your husband has a new job. Happy New Year!