Monday, October 04, 2010

In A Food Mood

I liked this post about playing with recipes. Thought you might too!

Have you ever played with a recipe and ruined it?? I have! I am pretty much a rule follower and rarely mess with what the recipes say to do. But once, when I had less experience with cooking, I read a recipe that said 1/2 cup of butter. I assumed they meant melted butter and popped it into the microwave. It was only after I had melted it that I realized it was supposed to be softened butter! Oh well, did it really matter? (For those of you who don't cook, the answer is... yes.)

Well my chocolate chip bar cookies turned into chocolate chip cake! It was still good, but it wasn't what I had in mind.

Lesson I learned: Playing with recipes can be rewarding at times. But it's best to know your way around a kitchen if you're going to attempt anything really bold. :)
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Zibilee said...

I try not to play with recipes after a having a disaster situation with making homemade gravy. Now I stick to the book. I sometimes will add a pinch more or less of something, but that is really as far as I am willing to go! It's a good thing I have quite a few good tried and true cookbooks!

Annett said...

My mom is notorious for playing around w/ recipes. LOL I don't think she's made a recipe the same way twice. Most of the time it's turns out good but sometimes...well, NOT. My 7 year old daughter loves to "make recipes". I let her decide on her own ingredients (within reason). I try not to discourage her creativity. She could turn out to be the next Julia Childs. LOL Some are questionable, some actually turn out very well.

Ugly Stepsister said...

I don't bake much, but know what you mean. My husband, Will, makes waffles from scratch and doesn't measure anything! I guess if you make one thing enough times, you can start to eyeball it - or you have it memorized. A friend told him his mother's secret to light, fluffly waffles - substitute seltzer water and powdered milk for milk. Breakfast anyone?!