Friday, August 06, 2010


Thanks to all of you who visit after reading today's devotion. Since the devotion is about noticing our abundance instead of our lack, I thought I would write about being thankful. This was written last night:

Tonight is a night for being thankful. Thankful for the faces that met us at the door as we came in from our anniversary trip to Charleston SC. Thankful that they were well taken care of in our absence. Thankful that my husband's business took us to such a romantic city, and that we got such a great deal on a beautiful hotel in the heart of that city. I have memories tucked in my heart from our trip, things I will treasure long after the trip is over. I told my husband more than once, "We should always go away for our anniversary." He agreed.

If you can swing it, I highly recommend going away for your anniversary, even if it's just for one night. I will admit, I felt guilty about going so soon after being gone for She Speaks. But my best friend gave me some sound advice that her own mother gave to her: put your marriage first, above the children. She looked at me intently. "This trip is about investing in your marriage. The kids will survive." With her urging, I made myself go... and I am so glad I did.

And yet, I am thankful to be home as well. Thankful to be back to the sights and sounds of home. Thankful for the safe trip we had. Thankful for my 10yo daughter who is feeling better from a terrible case of swimmer's ear-- thanks to all of you who responded to my private pleas for prayer on her behalf. We visited the ear, nose and throat specialist today and he said that, while she has a ways to go, she's much better. One more week and she should be back to normal. The moral of this story? Swimmer's ear isn't just a bothersome earache that clears up on its own like someone told me (we've never had a case of it in our home so I was clueless). It's an infection that, if untreated, can get serious real fast.

Now I am sipping red zinger tea with milk and sweetned with Stevia while perusing some of my favorite blogs-- blogs on enjoying home and on being a better writer, 2 things I hold equally important so they get equal attention. I am thankful for one thing I feel like I've been doing right lately as a mom: at dinnertime the tv goes off and it does not come back on for the rest of the evening. After dinner is time for talking to each other and for getting out our books to read. Nights are spent with children curled up on their beds and on the couches silently reading. Peace envelops the house. ("Your house is scary quiet," my best friend said when she visited last week.) It is nice to not have a tv droning on loudly, canned laughter distracting us. I didn't plan to turn the tv off at night, it just happened and-- as the summer winds down and school threatens to start again-- I am thankful it did. I do not like the tv. It is an unwelcome guest in our home and I am glad to silence it, if only for a few hours each night as we end the day. Peace and quiet is not overrated, and nothing takes the place of several hours with our noses firmly planted between the pages of some great book. It feels good to do something right, even if I stumbled on it by accident. For that I am thankful.
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Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you took the time for an anniversary trip. We have been married almost 39 years and we try very hard to celebrate at least the big ones with a trip. Our middle daughter is on her first anniversary trip this week. They plan to do a trip to celebrate their marriage as long as they can. Congratulations to you!! May the Lord bless you with many years together. We have seven children and five are married. Remember the children will find their mates, Lord willing, and you must celebrate yours!!

Carolina_Connie said...

Marybeth, It was so nice to meet you at the writer's gathering near Sunset Beach. The mailbox has a special place in my heart and how divine to get to meet you there after finishing your book. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement to me. Sincerely, Connie

Danielle said...

I read your devotion after my morning prayer/bible time. It made me smile and head on over here to leave you a comment & say thanks. I am on day three of establishing a new habit of getting up at 4:30 in the morning as my husband leaves for work, to get my prayer time in. With 3 girls ages 3 and under, there is NO OTHER time that I can do this. Your devotion was good and as I glanced through your blog, I smiled seeing some similarities between you and I. Granted you're a ways ahead of me in kids - but you look like a busy mom who struggles to find time to get it all done. I can relate. Thanks for sharing today! (:

P.S. We don't have a TV and I wouldn't have it any other way. Good for you for turning it off. It's a distraction and it invites people into our homes that we would NEVER allow into our homes in real life. I hope my girlies will LOVE to read and that we will have evenings like you described as they get older! (:

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

Our "wedding anniversary" (the 20th)isn't until Dec. but with this sweet blog reminding me of "getting away", I will try to "plan a gettaway". As for TV, I enJOY it, we did "fast from TV" for 3 days, and I admit I enJOYED that MORE!!! We plan on doing that more often.
May God Bless YOU always as you and that you have ALL THE PEACE AND QUIET you need.

Andrea said...

Thanks for the great reminder to record what the Lord's given us, Marybeth! Loved both your devotional and blog post today.

Pam said...

I did love your devotional today on being thankful and it encouraged me to jot down a few "I'm thankful for's". It's amazing how powerful that is. One more just came to mind - I'm thankful for the encouragement from all you great gals at Proverbs 31!

I'm so glad you had a memorable anniversary getaway with your man! I agree with your friend about its importance. It is an investment that is worth far more than those sad faces from kiddos that hate to see you leave. Really, it's an investment for those children, too. They need to see mom & dad enjoying alone time together away somewhere. And that's an investment for their future marriages too. They will mimic what they see. We've always tried to get away if only for one night and we've never regretted it. Happy Anniversary to you and may you be blessed with many more years of joyful memories together!

Sweet Blessings~

Tara Furman said...

So humbled God is using the prayer journal to bless your quiet time with Him. It was totally inspired by Him. Thanks for encouraging me today!
Tara Furman

KELLY W said...

Happy Anniversary MaryBeth and so glad you got to get away! I totally agree with you on the TV. I have no children left at home, all married, but I never turn the TV on. I love the silence!

Connie said...


Thanks for your devotional and this post. Putting my thankful thoughts in writing is just what I need to do to keep my focus on the Lord.

I am also in the middle of reading 'The Mailbox' and I LOVE it...just the kind of book I enjoy reading! I really like your style of writing.

God bless!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your P31 devotional today!! I need to remember to do this more often, just sit and thank God for all He does. I forget so quickly! This year is our 9 year anniversary but our baby is due around the same time so we won't get a chance to get away. This is such a special time for hubby and I! I'm so glad you got a chance to get away with your husband.
~D. Badger

Kristi Butler said...

Hi Marybeth!
I loved your devotion, your blog post, for the Write Reason, The Mailbox, and am thrilled that you are keynoting at Write2Ignite!!!!

God is sooooooo good!!!

I'm keeping you in my prayers!

Shelly said...

I'm so glad your back on your blog after your summer break!

I'm going away for my 5 year wedding anniversary next week (near Charleston, actually)! I was feeling guilty about leaving my work (don't have kids yet) but your post made me feel better.

Does a book count as a kid? ; )