Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... another beautiful spring day. I keep thanking God for letting spring arrive. I was ever so ready.

I am thinking... about the plans for our small group cookout tonight. We will have 23 people here for hamburgers and hotdogs!

I am thankful... for the Easter weekend we had. From Passover Friday night all the way to Easter dinner Sunday night, it was a great, full weekend.

I am wearing... sweats and an old tee shirt-- a workout is in my immediate future.

I am remembering... how precious my children looked in their Easter finery.

I am creating... a menu plan for tonight's cookout-- hamburgers and hotdogs and chips and baked beans and drinks and an ice cream sandwich cake for dessert!

I am going... to meet a new friend today to talk books and writing-- my favorite conversation to have!

I am hoping and praying... Curt gets a job. We so appreciate all of you who have emailed, messaged me on Facebook, or left comments here to tell us you are praying as well. Still no real prospects but we are hoping and praying a real opportunity materializes soon.

From the learning rooms... April is poetry month so we're reading Fancy Nancy: Poet Extraordinaire and The Wonder Book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

I am reading... The Journal Keeper: A Memoir by Phyllis Theroux

I am hearing... My 4yo chattering about whatever pops into her brain. The girl has a lot to say. Guess she comes by it honest.

From the kitchen... leftovers from Easter. Need to get creative with all the leftover ham.

Around the house... Spring Break is this week for my kids. We are not doing a lot but I am trying to plan some fun, inexpensive things: Park days, dollar movies, a trip to Barnes and Noble to play with the train table and browse or the library, friends over, etc. Mostly we are just enjoying the time to sleep later and have no schedule for a week.

One of my favorite things... a clean, organized closet. I took 30 minutes and cleaned mine out yesterday. It was well worth it. Now when I look at it I think "Ah" instead of "Ugh."

A few plans for the rest of the week... time with friends, a park day and picnic, and the David Gray concert I've been looking forward to since I got the tickets for Christmas!! Don't know who he is? Check out this video for just a sampling of his musical brilliance. Here's the song he's most known for in America. And here's his latest. And this one's my ringtone. Yeah, I'm a fan.
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Denny said...

Hey Marybeth,

I'm gonna start one of these on my blog called "The Complicated Man's Night-time Magazine. :)

What do ya think??
Will u read it??

Denny Milbourn

Arlene said...

I'm thankful for spring too. Didn't it seem like forever before it came?!? I am enjoying the warm sun and cool breezes, and planting flowers after the winter killed off so much of my landscaping. Have a fun time at the concert. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Sending prayers up for your family. Perhaps I missed this but what does your husband do? What type of a job is he looking for?