Monday, April 05, 2010

Scheduling Your Writing

Because I know some of you are writers, I will occasionally post helpful writing tips I come across. I do officially have a writing blog, but I've found I get too scattered when I try to keep my blogs separate. So this blog is my hodgepodge of stuff-- thoughts on life, things God is teaching me, tips on home organization, recipes, updates, and writing info-- it all goes into this one catchall. If something doesn't appeal to you, by all means skip it!

All of that to say, I did find this very informative post that is the closest explanation of how I schedule my writing. The only difference I would say is that I use word count instead of page numbers-- I have a certain number of words I am going for and I figure out how many words per day I need to use.

But this will get you started. If you need a more focused, disciplined writing life, try this idea. It totally helped me set a deadline and then stick to it.
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Amy said...

Thanks for this link, Marybeth. When I get that book contract, I'm going to be ready!

When I read your post pondering the persistant prayer and babble, it made me think about my friend Tara. She says on days that she's struggling, she just sits in her chair and announces to God that she's not moving until He speaks to her.

At first I thought, "Can I be that sassy with God?" Then I thought how it must delight Him when we get to that level of desparation for His voice.

I'm praying with you!

Digging for Pearls said...

Thanks for the link Marybeth!

Blessings and Prayers!