Sunday, March 28, 2010

As Holy Week Begins...

Maybe you're feeling inspired to get closer to God, recommit to knowing Him, as we enter into this final week of Lent, the final week before our big celebration of what Jesus did on the cross. If so, this new book by my friend Susanne Scheppmann is a great way to do just that! By going through the names of God in her book Embraced By The Father, you can learn more about Him... and about how He feels about you. This would be a good book to use for quiet times-- you can go through a chapter (or half a chapter) each morning before you start your day, answering the questions she provides and maybe journaling what you are gaining from the study on a personal level.

This book is available at Proverbs 31. Every time you order a book from them instead of one of the big discount sites, your purchase goes to support this dynamic, worthy ministry that is touching women's lives all over the world! (Amazon can't say that... just sayin.)
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