Thursday, December 10, 2009

Focus Days

One thing I have noticed lately is that certain days take on a rhythm of their own. I am sure this looks different for everyone but I am learning to go with whatever that rhythm is and plan my days around it. And so, I have started attempting to have a focus for each day. It has helped me to better plan and also to not attempt too much in one day.

Here's what my week looks like, day by day:

Monday's focus is HOME. After busy weekends, I need to arrange that day around our house. That is the day I clean, organize, do household projects, make phone calls, and focus on my to-do list. This means I don't schedule appointments, meetings or get-togethers with friends on Mondays as a rule.

Tuesday's focus is ERRANDS. Everything I run across on Monday that needs to be done out of the house I put on a list for Tuesday. That means that most every Tuesday I am running most of that morning. I can generally accomplish all my running for the week in that day. Whatever doesn't get done goes on my list for either the coming weekend or the following Tuesday.

Wednesday's focus is WRITING. My preschooler is gone those mornings so I use the quiet house to write. Because I have spent Monday and Tuesday cleaning, organizing, and running, I can sit and write without a million things pulling at me. Ideally.

Thursday's focus used to be BIBLE STUDY but my Bible study moved to a new location far from my house and I don't have that focus anymore. For right now my daughter and I generally have something planned to do on Thursday mornings. It's a good time to plan to get together with friends or meet daddy for lunch. With the Christmas season upon us, I think for right now Thursday's focus needs to be Christmas shopping, baking and preparations. Thursdays for me right now are a bit more "loose." I think it's good to have a wild card day if you can.

Friday's focus is WRITING again. This is another preschool day so I take advantage of that time to work.

Of course, when I am on deadline or in edits, all of this goes right out the window and nothing goes as planned!

I hope this idea helps someone. When I speak of focus, I really mean the time prior to 2:15 when I start running carpool. Once 2:15 hits, I am either in the car or helping with homework or preparing dinner, etc. I am very UNfocused and kind of all over the place once my kids start arriving home. But having focus for some part of the day is better than no focus at all!
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Bonita said...

It helps me! Focus is the word God gave me to start my week this week after I realized how little of it I possess!

I'd love to make a weekly schedule like yours and probably will in January when everything is in full swing again. Right now I'm resting and relaxing (the other words God gave me) as much as possible and enjoying not having much of an agenda.

My week has looked like this so far:
Monday- office and administrative stuff
Tuesday- errands and catch up
Wednesday- writing day
Thursday- find scholarships for kids
Friday- either continue scholarships or write
Saturday- do fun stuff with hubby
Sunday- rest

Of course, this means that next week needs some housekeeping days!

Marybeth said...

Bonita-- I think R&R is exactly what God is speaking to me as well! I am planning to enjoy the rest of my Christmas and quit pushing myself. It's a good thing!

Trench Mommy said...

Having a focus has helped me even if I don't always stick to it. The one that has stuck is Monday being cleaning day. The rest of my week goes so much smoother when I have a clean house around me!

awcamp said...

I love this! Before I started homeschooling, Monday was my cleaning and organizing day, too. And I had a day I ran errands, but much has gone by the wayside as I learn how to reorganize and restructure my time. I think I need to come up with a plan -- but as everything is different in Dec., I may wait until January. I love the idea of a "wild card" day. That's a "must have" in our house! I so appreciate your down-to-earth, very real approach to things. Thanks so much for all you share!!

MP said...

I love that idea. I am going to give a try. Your afternoons sound exactly like a 3 ring circus!

Flamingo Mama said...

thanks for is a helpful reminder. i struggle with EVERY day having to be housecleaning day!! my house gets sooo trashed! and NO i am not obessively clean~!

well, off to cleann my trashed kitchen:)

Christy said...

Love the ideas of FOCUS thank you for sharing. I especially like what you say at the end, after 2:15 loosing the focus. That's reality and I am constantly needing reminding that when I become unfocused at that time and refocused on kids, notes, dinner scheduling etc. it's NORMAL...Glad to read that you finished your novel edits and have the rest of Dec. to focus on your family. Next week I am looking forward to cooking and baking to take treats to people.