Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Event Update

The event at Calvary Baptist last night went great. Thanks to those of you who were praying! Their God Encounters monthly events are a blessing to many women. If you live in the Winston-Salem, NC area, be sure and check out their website, as this is something that would be great fun to attend on a regular basis!
I snapped a few pictures I thought I would share...

This is me and my second cousin (? not sure how all that works) Andrea. Her mom and my grandmother were sisters. It was so neat to see her there and talk about family memories.

(from left) me, Luann Prater from P31, Curt and Robin Bass

Luann helped with the book table, prayed for us and was just her usual lovely self. Be sure and check out her weekly radio show, Encouragement Cafe.
Robin and I used to attend church together years ago. She moved to Winston Salem a few years back but we were able to reconnect last night. She brought pictures of homeschool events we did together and Curt had a good time laughing at my hairdo's and large glasses I wore in the 90's. Thanks honey! I was, incidentally, pregnant in most of the pictures.

Finally, this is me and Mary, the coordinator I worked with to arrange the event. She and Alysia, her co-coordinator, work so hard to pull these monthly events off. They have such a heart for women and are true prayer warriors, as is their entire prayer team. They were so great to work with and made the experience fun. We were blessed by our time at Calvary Baptist and won't soon forget it. Thanks ladies for making it possible!
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Debra said...

You look great Marybeth.
Continued Prayers daily.Hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Marybeth (& Curt),

We loved the evening and thought your story was powerful. Thanks for your willingness to be transparent and available. Nothing is more beautiful than an authentic, Godly woman standing next to her God-folling man. :)

Mary Herndon