Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Christmas Binder

The other day I broached the subject of planning for the holidays-- from Thanksgiving all the way through New Year's. Here's an article by my friend Molly Gold about how to plan for any guests you might be expecting:

And below are some good links I found on how to create a Christmas binder to help me stay organized. You might remember last year I made one of these, and I have been thinking I need to get it back out and revamp it for this year. I figured in all my researching, I could share what I found with you! I hope these links inspire you to start thinking about organizing your holidays.
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mary said...

Thank you! Thank you! Did I tell you thank you! lol These site were very helpful. However I started to feel overwhelmed with what needs to be done! lol One day at a time.
Lord help us to enjoy the gifts of the season. In Jesus's name amen! Blessings & Peace, Mary

Connie said...

Thank you so much for helping to get me up and running with Christmas planning! I appreciate the info and all of the links...I am inspired by all of the creativity.
My husband is on vacation next week and we are getting all of our Christmas boxes out, so this info comes at a great time.

tonsofsons said...

Thanks for the referral. I actually just modified the post ~ some of the links have been changed.


Sandra in Phx said...

I use It has been a huge blessing to me!!

Diana said...

Wow! Thanks for this fabulous idea! I was so inspired after reviewing all these links that I put my binder together right away. I feel so on top of things; what a great relief as we head into the holiday season!

By the way, I bought the Financially Free book from you at Hearts-at-Home last weekend. My husband is excited to read it when I am done!