Sunday, October 25, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook On A Sunday Afternoon

Outside my window... clear and cool, a nice day to curl up with a good book with football in the background.

I am thinking... about our wonderful church service today. Am tempted to go back for the evening service to see our pastor preach it live.

I am thankful for... the pumpkin spice decaf coffee my mom got me, a perfect treat on a cool day like this.

I am wearing... my Elevation sweatshirt and jeans with thick socks

I am remembering... fun times with old friends-- this was a weekend to catch up with a few of them. We did our share of reminiscing.

I am going... to work on my novel and hopefully finish the first round of edits early. Had a good day of writing yesterday.

I am reading...Bird In Hand by Christina Baker Kline, For Parents Only by Shaunti Feldhahn, Stein On Writing by Sol Stein and Make It Fast, Cook It Slow by Stephanie O'Dea

I am hoping... for a good but busy week. Last week was not busy at all. I loved it.

On my mind... my former college roommate's sister is in the hospital in intensive care. I sat with her for several hours this weekend while she kept vigil in the ICU waiting room. It was good to see my friend again but terrible for it to be under those circumstances. Her sister is improving but still has quite a recovery ahead of her.

From the learning rooms... B is For Bookworm: A Library Alphabet and S is For Story: A Writer's Alphabet. I made a library run this weekend.

Noticing that... the leaves are so pretty-- red and gold and orange, painted with God's paintbrush for us to enjoy.

Pondering these words... "Joy is not determined by what happens to me, but by what Christ is doing in me and through me." (A quote from my pastor today)

From the kitchen... Curt made pancakes and bacon after church this morning for all of us. It was so nice and the house still smells like syrup and hickory.

Around the house... laundry, dishes, tidying... the usual drill.

One of my favorite things... a quiet Sunday afternoon with nothing to do.

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Cape Breton Girl for God said...

Sounds lovely Marybeth, God bless you and yours:)

LeAnn said...

Hmmmm.... can I be you for a day? Well... can I be you without 6 children, and your laundry, and your grocery bill...

Thanks for sharing the quote from your pastor's sermon. I needed to hear that today. I complain way too much about what has happened to me and my lack of joy. I need constant reminders to keep me focused on what truly matters and on what God can do through me, inspite of myself.

Love You!

Ellen said...


I'm curious, how are things going now that you are not homeschooling. Do you feel yourself wanting to supplement what the kids are doing in school? Do you miss it?

Ellen S.

Marybeth said...

Ellen, interesting question. I have been so busy with my edits for this book all I can do is thank the Lord that He set the wheels in motion for the kids to be where they are while I work-- I didn't have to scramble to get it all worked out because He had gone ahead of me! I love when we can look back and see Him at work before we even knew what or why. I do like to still get books for them to enjoy at home so I still keep a LONG hold list at the library and find that I am more involved with them in the evenings with bedtime, stories, etc than I used to be when we homeschooled, which is nice. When we homeschooled I tended to check out after dinner because I was on mom overload. But now I do bedtimes with them instead of just my husband and they really like that. So, it's good!

Ellen said...

Thanks for letting me know how things are going. Best wishes on your book(s)...can't wait for them to come out. I also love the SheReads's just what I need!