Thursday, September 17, 2009

Leaving For ACFW

This morning I leave for Colorado to attend the American Christian Fiction Writers' Conference. I have to publicly thank my husband for making it possible for me to go financially and logistically. It is no small thing for me to leave this family for a few days and he has been so gracious to let me go off and pursue my dreams while he holds down the fort at home.

I am looking forward to my time at ACFW. I hope to learn a lot and meet new friends in the fiction world. For those of you who have been reading for awhile, you may remember that this past year I took the leap of pursuing my dream to be a fiction writer. While I like writing nonfiction like the book Curt and I did together and the devotions I write for Proverbs, I am most passionate about telling a good story, creating characters and weaving together a plot while immersing the reader into a rich setting. At least, that's the goal. I still have lots to learn about just how to do that... which is why I am making the investment of going to ACFW. I hear the training you receive there is great and have had the conference recommended to me more than once by people I admire. And so, off I go!

I will update you early next week about my time there. Be sure to check my tweets in the sidebar as I plan to be updating twitter while I am gone. In the meantime, I hope you all have a great weekend! See you back here next week!
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Bonita said...

Have fun! I'm so glad you get to spend a few days completely immersed in your element.

Arlene Grimm said...

I am looking forward to a future novel from you Marybeth!!

Melissa Milbourn said...

I miss you already :-)

actually, I haven't spoken to you lately Girl...I need to catch up with you when you get back!

have fun!

Debra said...

How wonderful Marybeth. I am so thrilled for you! Have a safe trip.
Hope you learn a ton.
Debra Z

Renee Swope said...

Praying you have a WONDERFUL time and that you feel great while you are there!! Learn a lot. I can't wait to read your fiction best seller one day!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my... your kids are GORGEOUS! And so are you, of course. :)