Monday, September 21, 2009

ACFW Recap

Well, ACFW didn't turn out the way I thought. I didn't tweet nearly as much as I planned to. I didn't attend all the workshops I planned to. And I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I planned to so I could share them here. In fact, the one you see of my friend Mary DeMuth and I above is the only one I took!
One thing I didn't count on was feeling sick at ACFW. I got a bad cold several days before it started so I wasn't contagious any more-- but I couldn't shake the cough and hoarse voice. I don't think the altitude helped. I know people thought I had the plague-- I sure did sound like it. Needless to say I struggled to be able to talk loud enough to be heard. And I didn't have the energy I would have liked to have. But I was there, and that's what mattered. (At least, that's what I told myself!)
My sweet husband did give me the green light to get my own hotel room instead of rooming with my friend Leanna Ellis. Though I missed having the time I would have had with Le, I have to admit the whole room to myself thing was good. Really good. So good I told Curt he might have created a monster.
All in all, ACFW was a good time. I took a screenwriting class as my continuing class, which was two classes that lasted almost 3 hours each. I learned a lot and loved the teacher, Rene Gutteridge. Most of all I learned that screenwriting is challenging and not something you can just up and decide to do. So don't be looking for me to write any scripts any time soon! I also attended a class taught by Camy Tang that was excellent. I took home some great writing resources. And I made some great new friends. I came home last night and have spent all day playing catch-up... and am still not caught up.
Am thinking that being caught up is overrated... not to mention unreachable for me these days. But the best part is being home, and with that I am going to spend some time with these people I have missed for the last few days!
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Mary DeMuth said...

We are cute!

I'm so glad you went!

Bonita said...

Sorry you were sick, but still glad you got to go. And I'm with you on the whole catching up thing. I did that yesterday too and felt all caught up for about ten minutes and then remembered that this is all a big cycle and things get messed up again rather quickly.

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon! Enjoy being back with your family. Am sure they missed you very much.

Camy Tang said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed my class! I enjoyed teaching it! I'm sorry you were sick. :( I hope you feel better soon!
PS Really cute picture of you and Mary!

Danielle said...

Even when we think we are caught up, something else's comes along anyway.

I hope you get to feeling better soon!