Monday, August 17, 2009


Today is my oldest's birthday. He's 17 on the 17th-- the only time in his life that will happen. I have a birthday cake to bake but first I must go and buy ingredients. We have no groceries in the house so a big grocery trip is in my immediate future.

My kids who are going to school start in two days. TWO. DAYS. We have uniforms and school supplies to buy, not to mention an open house to attend tonight.

Thankfully we washed most all of our clothes before leaving the beach so I am not inundated with laundry. And we cleaned our house before we left so there's not a lot of cleaning to be done. But in the meantime, I have lots to do, and very little time to post about our trip.

I mainly just wanted to say, we are home, we are happy, we had a great time-- one of the best family vacations I can remember in years. I will share details (and pictures) with you soon... I promise!
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Karen Ehman said...

Today is what we would call Jack's "Golden" Birthday. Only happens once! Enjoy!

Carie said...

Don't know how you have a 17yo. You look terrific. Love reading your posts but haven't commented much. But had to post and say hope that yesterday was a fun birthday--for the mommy too.

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

Praying for you this evening, Marybeth....