Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Partly Sunny

Awhile ago my son and I were waiting for his sister to get her hair cut. As we sat in the waiting area, we listened to the radio that played in the background. The forecast came on and the announcer said that it was going to be partly cloudy. My son, who was playing with legos on the floor, stopped what he was doing and looked up with an indignant look on his face. "Mom," he said, "That man said it's partly cloudy but it's not. It's partly sunny." Then he went back to playing.

Oh to see the world the way my son did in that moment. He taught me a huge lesson on perspective that day and I have been mulling it over ever since. Do I see my days as partly sunny or partly cloudy? Do I marvel at the wonders or get caught up in the mess? Do I consciously choose to alter my "glass half empty" mentality and choose to see it as half full?

That's one of the reasons I have decided to do these "good thing" posts. I want to share the good things that happen in my day, to mark them somehow so I don't lose them in the shuffle of life. I hope that you will join me in seeking to see our days as partly sunny. Sure, a few clouds may enter our horizon, but that doesn't mean our outlook has to be altered. Partly cloudy or partly sunny? My son taught me it's all in how I look at it.
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Anonymous said...

I will love to join you on this mission. It is rainy today, so my good thing is realizing that God is giving my little tomato plants a refreshing drink. I hope they love it and grow a little more. I have another. My kids went to a cousin's house for a sleepover, and while they were gone, I realized that all the noise that usually bothers me, is a tangible confirmation that they are alive, healthy, and full of joy. I missed the noise, and will appreciate it more often!! Thanks for writing today. It is nice to read good stuff!!

Andresa said...

I LOVE THAT...PARTLY SUNNY!! AMEN!! So, my good thing is that we too are having a "partly sunny" day and like the lady before me, it's nice that all our flowers are getting much needed rain. Blessings to you.