Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What's For Dinner?

With the weather turning warmer in our neck of the woods, our heavy meals are giving way to lighter, easier fare. It's hard to corral my crew now that the days are longer and the outdoors beckon so we have more grazing and less big family dinners and that's fine... for a season. With that in mind, this looks great to serve for dinner-- we love hoagies for dinner but it gets expensive buying separate hoagie rolls for everyone. This idea sounds great considering I can usually get a french loaf for about $1 at my local grocery store. I think these would be great to serve for dessert! A perfect spring/summer meal.

What do you like to serve in warmer weather?
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Bonita said...

Did you know that Harris Teeter also has Friday footlong subs for $3.99? I saw a guy ordering a sub there the other day and I read the menu for the first time and decided that's our new Friday stand-by dinner. With softball in full swing and warmer weather, we have a lot fewer heavy meals and family dinners too.

Oh Dear said...

A cold plate/picnic happens often here in the summer months. Lunch meats, crackers, cheese, fresh fruits and veggies....and they love it! Works at the zoo, the backyard, and during older brother ball practice before church on Wed. nights-no complaints on this one! Roll the meat and cheese and it is that much cooler!

Laurie Ann said...

Both recipes look delicious! I can't wait to try them out.

We usually go for BLT's or subs alot during the summer - anything light and quick.

Anonymous said...

Gazpacho soup, any kind of salad (pasta, bean,lettuces,etc.), anything grilled OUTSIDE by my husband ;-) and of course, cold desserts. Can't wait for summer as it still has not arrived up north!
Enjoy your hot days!

Angel77 said...

We shelve a lot of meals during the warm weather (chili, chicken n dumplins, soups...) However, there isn't a lot that gets drug out to replace the warmer heavier winter meals. I really need to work on finding recipes to replace the ones that get hung up.

We do bring out the Pasta Salad recipe as well as the orange Jello and manadrine oranges with cool whip dessert. We do grill out a lot. We will have to revisit this since we have cut way back on the amount of red meat that we consume.

My children are still small so we do not have a lot of activities that keep us from the family table. Yet.

I'm enjoying all the ideas!

Anonymous said...

Grilled pizza! Our central air has trouble keeping up with the crazy Southern heat, so I grill as much as possible. Grilled pizza is one of our favorites. Make your dough (or build on a prebought crust) and through it on the grill. Flip it after a few minutes, then layer everything upside down - meat and veggies, cheese, then sauce when it's melted - and it's really great. The grilled dough is makes great bread for marinated, grilled chicken sandwiches, too. :-)

DOakley said...

One of our favorites is a "greek" pasta salad. Italian sausages sliced and fried, thrown into a bowl of cooked pasta (can be rotini, fusilli, penne, shells--just not spaghetti), tossed with diced tomatoes (it's great if you can get the oregano spiced ones), black olives and feta cheese. Yummmmm!

Christine said...

Yes, crockpot weather is coming to a close, although I'll probably still use it a bit. I love cooking with COLOR this time of year. A beautiful bright fruit salad, a tomato tart, anything colorful!