Thursday, February 12, 2009

Children's World Museum Field Trip

One of my favorite things to do as a homeschool mom is to come up with great field trips we can go on. One reason is that it's great for the kids to experience life rather than just learn about it in a book. (That's the lofty reason.) The other reason is that we have fun on field trips and I can come home and count our time as "school." (That's the just-keeping-it-real reason.)

The field trip we took this week was no exception. This newly opened museum houses the personal collection of a couple that traveled the world over. They had so many interesting things to share, they decided to turn the collection into a museum. We got to see two different exhibits. We saw "Toys And Games From Around The World" and "Charlotte's Sister Cities." The kids also got to make a craft. They made a carp kite, which is something that they do in Japan in honor of Boys' Day. (My son loved that idea!)

Below are some pictures of our day... after we finished at the museum, they had some picnic tables our group could have lunch on. We enjoyed a windy picnic (perfect for flying carp kites) and then we let the kids run around in a big grassy field while the moms talked about everything from the intricacies of marriage to curriculum planning. All in all, it was time well spent. I recommend a visit to The Children's World Museum if you live in my neck of the woods!

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Laurie Ann said...

Sounds like a fun and productive trip! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Kathy Butryn said...

Hi there Marybeth...looks like you had a great time!
I really love your blog, it was great visiting it tonight!

Karin Katherine said...

One of my most favorite things about homeschooling is going on field trips. I agree, it's a wonderful way to spend school time together. I think my kids learn MORE when we tie it in with a field trip. Thanks for sharing pics from your trip. It looks like a wonderful time.