Thursday, February 12, 2009

Big Moments

So, this is a photo that is worth a thousand words if ever there was one... My son got his license today. This is him getting in the car ALONE to drive himself to the orthodontist. He was so happy and excited, he even stopped long enough to pose for a picture. I told him years from now he will treasure this picture. He will look at it and remember what it felt like to take this step-- to be so happy to be that much closer to full-fledged adulthood. (Before he knew what full-fledged adulthood actually was, that is!)
This is just one moment frozen in time, but what a big moment it is... for both of us.
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Anonymous said...

Aack! One more year and that will be MY son!

Arlene said...

The first time my son drove himself to work I cried like a baby. My daughter has her license now, and even when I'm in the car with her I can't believe she's really driving. Where did the time go?

Bonita said...

Did you want to run after him and hang on the bumper and say, "Don't go, please don't go"? That's what I felt like doing. It's great in one respect because you can send them out on errands without you, but it's also that big reminder that the little boy isn't little anymore and isn't much of a boy either.

Congrats to your almost man!

P.S. Is your son as thrilled as mine that he gets to drive a Mama mini-van all over town?

Laurie Ann said...

Oh, congratulations! Were you nervous for him?

Oh Dear said...

He is going to look back at this picture and realize how exciting it was that he did not care it was a minivan!

Lisa V - in NJ said...

I can imagine there was a mixture of fear and pride for your young man. A milestone indeed Mom.