Monday, January 19, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

This is the first week in quite awhile where I don't have so many plans I want to crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head! A big part of that is because, praise God, I got the speaking book done and turned in last week! That feels SO much better. I am not under any writing contracts right now, so I feel free to do some other things-- like write some spec articles I have been mulling over, or maybe write some more ebooks that are on my heart. We shall see.

Mostly I just want to devote some much needed time to our little homeschool and my family. Of course, making good meals is a great way to begin! So, here are my efforts for this week:

Monday) Taco salad (we are having our main meal at lunch for my friend Erica's bday since this is a holiday), homemade chocolate cake for dessert!

Tuesday) Broiled chicken (marinated in Italian dressing first) over salad, french bread

Wednesday) Stir fry chicken with broccoli and carrots over rice

Thursday) Chicken, rice and broccoli (one pot meal-- recipe on the back of the Premium Minute Rice box)

Friday) Rotisserie-style chicken in the crockpot, baked potatoes, peas

Saturday) Chicken in marinara sauce, angel hair pasta with herbs, corn

Sunday) Country style steak over mashed potatoes, green beans

Monday) Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup (this is my friend Renee's recipe that my kids love, Renee, why don't you post it on your blog?), Rolls

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Rona said...

Did you realize that you are having chicken all but one day? Sounds like something I would do.

Marybeth said...

Why yes I did, Rona! If you go to Harris Teeter this week, you will see that chicken breasts are buy one/get one free. So hence the reason that my poor family is subjected to chicken, chicken, and more chicken. I typically plan our meals according to what's on sale for the week. When I can buy our meat for just five dollars, that puts me way ahead of the game!

Thankfully, I grew up eating chicken at just about every meal-- I used to tease my mom that she should write a cookbook called "365 Ways to Make Chicken." So, I have lots of ideas for what to do with all that chicken!

Jill said...

My husband would love if I would make Country Style Steak with mashed potatoes. Must say I've never tried. What are your tricks?

Sandra in Phx said...

I too feel like I want to climb into bed and pull the covers over because I am SO tired today.

I am looking forward to the sale ads that come on Wednesday because I get to do a "big shop" on Thursday! We are almost out of everything!!

Renee Swope said...

I posted the recipe and linked to your blog - after forgetting to do that earlier. You have inspired me to "eat more chicken" this week!