Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Inauguration Postscript

If you, like me, missed the inauguration yesterday because your area was unexpectedly blessed with enough snow to cover the ground and your home was thrown into a certified tizzy over the white stuff then you might want to go here to read Rick Warren's invocation. I enjoyed reading it even moreso because I didn't get to see it. But even if you saw it, it's nice to pause over it, to read what he said slowly and take it in. I thought it was well done.

Not that you asked.

(HT: Elizabeth)
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Sandra in Phx said...

I deeply pondering the Moon story. It will give me something to think about for today. Thanks:)

Linda Ziulkowski said...

Thank you for including the link to Rick Warren's invocation. Unlike the Carolinas where you did receive snow, we didn't here in Idaho, though I really wish we did : ), so I watched the entire inauguration, and thought I would really like to have a transcript of that prayer. I know I could have done a search, but you made it easy for me.
Bless you!