Monday, December 29, 2008

Planning For A New Week... And New Year

This is going to be an odd week with my husband working Monday through Wednesday, home Thursday, then back to work on Friday. I am planning to try to go ahead with business as usual-- even if I am carless at the present time. Being homebound is helping me to stay put and tackle the looming project I like to call "taking the Christmas decorations down." You might be avoiding the very same thing.

In addition to that project is the continuing work on finishing the speaker book. A big thank you to my friend Erica for spending three hours with me yesterday going through Bible references and checking them for accuracy. We spent a comfortable afternoon at her very quiet house yesterday and got a lot of work done. She said that all those Bible sword drills of her childhood paid off! I feel really good about the amount of work I got done over this weekend-- even if I did have to leave my family for two large blocks of time to do it. I am thankful to a husband who supports me doing that and holds down the fort as well as he does in my absence. The book is getting closer and closer to being officially "done" and I might just be able to turn it in close to the deadline-- hooray!

Today I am making some plans for school since we begin a new semester next Monday-- which seems odd at this present time for that to be looming so close. I will post our plans just as soon as I get them finalized. I am making some changes and our winter/spring semester hardly looks anything like our fall semester. I love the fresh start that Christmas break brings us and have been anticipating the differences that will surely come. For one, I will NOT be writing any books this semester, which I hope will leave me with ample amounts of time to invest in our schooling adventures. A distracted mom/teacher is not a very good one, I am afraid. And that's just the truth.

I am also going to be spending time this week writing down goals for our year-- both homeschool and personal. This week is a great time to revamp, recreate, reassess. There are parts of my life that are working, and parts that need an overhaul. I will post some updates on that as well in due time.

Most of all, I am grateful for time to pray and ponder, to make decisions and deletions as I prepare for a new year. I love fresh starts and fresh perspectives! I plan to use these posts as starting points as I reflect and plan:

Eight in 08

Looking Back at 08

How To Set Out Into A New Year

Enjoy! And let me know if you write a new year's post, as I love to glean from the plans and ponderings of others! Be sure to check back with me, as I am keeping track of all my plans and will be sharing them here in the days to come.
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Bonita said...

My New Year's post will be on my blog tomorrow. Thanks for the links to the others.

Sandra in Phx said...

I am hoping to get my Christmas stuff put away before New Year's because I too would like to sit down and make a plan for 2009. Something about a new year is always so promising!

Karin Katherine said...

John Maxwell just spoke at our church about doing an end of year evaluation. You can download it free at
I felt so blessed to be there for the message.

Nancy said...

Great idea! My New Year's post is up on my blog.

Happy New Year!

Jill said...

Hi Marybeth, Good to see you're feeling better. I have a bit of a look back on my blog today, nothing major, but great to reflect on how though circumstances change He never does!! Have a good day, Jill