Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Why Do We Do This Again?

I just got finished yelling at my daughter because she told me "no" when I told her to help with the house cleaning that is going on around here as we prepare for tomorrow.

As soon as I saw the hurt look on her face, I realized that this is not at all what I need to be doing to prepare for a day of focusing on what I am grateful for. How in the world does getting so tunnel visioned on my to-do list and a clean house communicate feelings of thankfulness and the image of a grateful heart to my children??

For me, tomorrow will be fun, but it will also be a production. My mom is helping make food, and that is a blessing. But while everyone else is watching parades and football and paging through the sale ads for Black Friday, I will be scurrying around cleaning and cooking, then cleaning and cooking some more. Because, somewhere in all the planning, I got the brilliant idea to host some of our friends for dessert in the evening.

I blame it on thirtysomething, the tv show. There is an episode in the first season where Hope declares that she is not going to host Thanksgiving and then all their friends pout because they say it won't be the same if they can't all be together. It made me want to have the same traditions with my friends-- hence the brilliant idea. Oh boy do I love me some thirtysomething. Truly. I have never gotten over it going off the air. No really, I am serious. And it may or may not be what I am watching when I allude to watching old tv shows on YouTube, but you didn't hear it here.

But I digress.

And so, we hope to make this dessert open house a Thanksgiving tradition amongst our friends-- and I am totally happy that we are doing it... I am just questioning why I felt the need to do both the meal and the party. Do you ever ask yourself, "What was I thinking???" There is something about committing to something when it seems a long way away that then gets bigger as it looms closer on the calendar... or maybe that's just me.

Oh well, back to supervise the chore process with the kids. I handed out lengthy lists to my children who are of the age to help. Boy oh boy, were they happy. And they are sort of wondering why I am sitting here on the computer while they work all around me... must go look busy now!
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rural momma said...

((((((((to you)))))))))

I wanted to pop in and let you know I got my copy of the Advent book. The one by the lady at Holy Experience, gosh I can't remember her name!! Any way, it looks great and we will be starting it soon!! :0)

Anonymous said...

I loved "thirtysomething" too and like you still wish it was on the air.

Anonymous said...

Hi- I have never written here before but wanted to let you know that you have been a real encouragement to me. Thanks! I am a mother of 4 and I homeschool sometimes life can get so hectic and out of control feeling. However, knowing there are other women who strive to bring a Christ centered atmosphere to there home is encouraging. I also know how it feels when you are trying to get everyone to help out and it seems like you are pulling teeth. I applaud you for training your children to be helpful and to contribute. Just curious what are some of the chores you give out to your kids? Sometimes I feel like I get in a slump. I want them to help but find it seems easier to just do things myself.

Kelly said...

Hi Marybeth!
Have a great Thanksgiving dinner and dessert party tomorrow...try just to know you can only do what you can do and if some things don't get done, don't sweat it! Kids helping is a good thing!
Keep an eye on your mailbox, I mailed your giveaway scarf today!

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Go kids GO!!!!

Arlene Grimm said...

I love that 30something episode too....just a reminder that what we do for our friends really has an impact in their lives. I am sure your friends are thankful for you today.