Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Indian Summer

It's October, which means fall is in the air-- a slight chill when you walk outside, the leaves falling from the trees, football games on tv, the scent of burning wood carried on the wind. Food changes from light meals to heavier fare-- comfort food. Or, it should.

This week I planned my weekly menu by the date on the calendar, not the weather report. Tonight's meal was a really good pork chop and rice casserole that is warm and hearty, paired with cooked carrots glazed in brown sugar and cinnamon and butter. For dessert was warm apple crisp (more about that in another post) topped with vanilla ice cream.

The perfect fall meal.

Ahem. It was 85 degrees today. Later this week I have chili planned for dinner. They say this warm weather is going to continue for several more days. I say I am not changing my menu plan. It's fall after all-- no matter what the thermometer says!

Want a great chili recipe? I had to dig through pages and pages of my old blog to find this one but I was determined to locate it. So, I thought I would link to it in case any of you want to make chili. It might just be cold enough for it in your part of the world-- I am going to make it even if it isn't cold enough in mine!

Oh, and this just in, if you really want to get a taste for fall, try these Iced Pumpkin Cookies-- I know I intend to! Oh, and here's another good pumpkin recipe: Pumpkin Scones. Two great things to try!
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Miss Sandy said...

Thanks for more great recipes! I snagged these to put on my "to try" menu.

Darcie said...

Hey Marybeth! Thanks for the link. Those pumpkin cookies are among my seasonal favorites!

I hope all is well with you and your family. Enjoy your fall recipes, whether the calendar cooperates or not!