Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Got Teens?

Then you should read this article-- you should even read it if you have children who are going to be teens! This article touches on the "brain damage" I have referred to in the past where teens are concerned. They act like adults and want you to believe they are adults, but their areas of judgment are severely impaired. Learning about the teenage brain can help us keep things in perspective when they say and do things that don't make sense. And it can also help us remember that they may push us away, resent our presence, and say they have it all under control... but they do not. Our jobs are far from over.
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1 comment:

LeAnn said...

After reading the article, I'm not sure if I am encouraged or panicked. If Nick continues to trip over clothes in the floor (that he insists aren't there) until he hits his 20's... I might not survive! At least Jack and his Sharpie were clear with their message. (Pizza - MINE!) A teenage mind isn't always as clear. It's a guessing game most of the time and I fear I am loosing the match.

Thanks for linking to the article. It makes me feel better to know that Nick isn't as crazy as I think he is... it's just a phase... a LONG phase.