Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I Was Tagged

Arlene over at Accepting Change tagged me for this fun little meme. I am not going to tag a specific person, but if you are looking for blog fodder, feel free to play along! Leave a comment and let me know if you do so I can stop by your blog!

How does your day normally begin?

I get up during the weekdays around 6, 6:30 if I feel like "sleeping in." I have coffee while I do my CBS homework and read from Streams In The Desert. Then I pray, focusing on a different request each day according to a little bookmark I got from our local Christian radio station. (I keep this in my Streams devotional.) By then it's around 7 and time for me to get my middle schooler up. While he is getting ready, I get my shower and get dressed. By the time I am finished with that, it's time to take him to school. (Curt takes the older two, they leave much earlier!) When we get back from running him to school, it's time to start our school day and do some household chores. I usually start the first and third grader on some independent work (printing practice, copywork, basic math) while I do dishes and laundry and tidy up. I feel better if we can start the day off with a clean house.

What's for lunch during an average week?

We eat leftovers from dinner the night before a lot, or I will make sandwiches. On days I am feeling really energetic, I make the sandwiches on toasted bread so the cheese melts-- or we will make sandwiches with bagels or english muffins for variety. I try to do different stuff but I will admit that PB&J is a staple in our house!

What's your favorite part of the day?

This used to not be true, but now it's mornings. As I have gotten used to getting up early, I love the quiet of the house and the way the day is "fresh and new with no mistakes in it." (Anne of Green Gables) Of course, this is only true if I have had a good night's sleep!

Least favorite?

From 4 to 6 pm. They don't call that time of day the witching hour/arsenic hour for nothing! Grumpy, hungry children, a worn out mom, homework to do, dinner to prepare and daddy (aka The Cavalry) nowhere in sight!

How does the day usually end?

If Curt is home, I am usually off somewhere writing or answering emails or reading blogs-- catching up on "work" while he spends some "quality time" with the kids. He is so great to do baths and stories and tucking in. This is something we started early on and it is now routine. I was watching "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" last night and noticed him doing the same thing. I think when you have been with the kids all day, you are ready for a break and he hasn't seen them all day so he is ready for time with them, so it is a nice balance IF both parties are agreeable. Plus, I have to squeeze time to take care of "business" (writing projects, speaking emails, etc.) stuff in somewhere, and with homeschooling, not much of that stuff gets done during the day.

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Arlene said...

I noticed that about Jon and Kate too, except I think while he's bathing and putting the little ones to bed she's cleaning up the kitchen, dining room, living room, basement, you know the drill. Chores are a neverending part of life but with the right attitude they can be enjoyable.

Thanks for sharing! You're a busy woman for sure, it's nice that you take the time to answer emails, blogs & such. Have a blessed rest of the week. Arlene

Jennifer said...

That was fun...but please can you tell me what "meme" (actually I'm not too sure what fodder is either but I didn't want to appear too dumb!!) I've seen this word several times but it is new to me. Thanks - Jennifer

Flamingo Mama said...

thanks marybeth....i am feeling convicted (not guilty) about getting up earlier in the morning. i hate, hate, hate early mornings. however, i am really, really unproductive in my day. for some reason this hit me thanks for the encouragement!
ps. i used to blog at I have a new blog where I am "incognito" :)