Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Carnival of Homeschooling

The Simple Pleasures of Homeschooling carnival is up, so head on over there to enjoy a plethora of posts on many interesting topics! I submitted the one I wrote the other day about our plans for the fall. Even if you don't homeschool, there is some good stuff on there that will encourage you in your mothering and enrich your days with your children. I guarantee it!
I saw a few posts that look very good and plan to spend most of my free moments today hopping around from blog to blog. I have already found one on nature crafts I plan to keep coming back to and one on suggestions for using a 100 chart that I will also bookmark. A blog carnival is truly one of the simple pleasures in life-- how appropriate! And a public thank you to Dana at Principled Discovery for working tirelessly to get this carnival up. Her server was having problems so she ended up posting the carnival on her other blog after hours of trying. How resourceful!
NOTE: Be sure to check below for your chance to win a basket of goodies if you haven't already signed up for the giveaway. Just as a disclaimer-- there is one basket they are giving away and all entries from the different blog tour stops are submitted. I wanted to make that clear as I think there was some confusion. (Posted below under "A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts.")
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Shanna said...

Hi Marybeth,

I knew we both had six children, but do you have a boy, girl pattern, too? Ours were born boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl. I've never met anyone else with so many and in the same pattern. :)