Saturday, September 20, 2008

Write Away Contest Winners

I got the distinct honor and pleasure of serving as Scribbit's Write Away Contest judge this month. I had intended to write about it here but before I knew it, the time had come to submit the winners I chose. I intended to post about this yesterday because she announced the winners yesterday, but alas, the time got away from me again! And so, after much nail-biting and obsessing about picking the exact right one, I selected one winner and four runners-up. Or was it five? I just know that it was so, so hard to choose one! I mean, I actually thought judging would be fun. And it was... but it was also hard. I didn't want to pick just one winner-- I wanted to pick them all!

And so, I humbly lay down my judging crown, grateful to be relieved of my duties. Now I can go back to just being an entrant-- with a whole new understanding for how hard it is to select a winner. To judge is to know firsthand how many talented writers there are out there-- and how many deserve to win. Thanks to all of you who entered, and gave us a glimpse into your life. If you entered but didn't win, please know I wanted to choose you. I really, really did. And to the ones who did win-- congrats! Enjoy your new and improved button! Also you should definitely buy yourself some chocolate to celebrate and don't share it with anyone. I can personally recommend the dark chocolate peanut M&M's.
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Scribbit said...

Thanks for all your work on this! I'm thinking it would be fun next month to have an "editor's choice award" next month--I get jealous letting the judge have all the fun of picking winners, maybe I can get in on it too :)

heather.pnr said...

Thank you for all the work you did judging! I was honored to be an runner-up. :)