Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Excuses, Excuses

I have a devotion running (no pun intended) today on making excuses... this particular devotion is about how I made excuses for why I couldn't run for years-- and I do mean years. I can remember when I was in the 8th grade (y'all it's painful to admit, but that was a long time ago), I decided that I just wasn't created to run. (This was after I decided I was going to be the next great cross country runner at my junior high-- that's middle school to all you young whippersnappers-- and took off down the road after school one day to "train." I didn't get very far before I decided that I wasn't born to run.)

Hence the very clever title/throwback to a Bruce Springsteen song combo that I worked into today's devotion. Because sometimes you just have to have a little fun when you are writing-- even if your humor only makes you laugh. At yourself.

While we are on the subject of excuses, let me just admit here that I don't only make excuses about exercising. I make excuses for why I don't get myself off the computer and read out loud to my kids. I make excuses for why I don't spend as much time praying, reading my Bible, and worshiping as I know I should. I make excuses for why I made my family frozen pizzas instead of a well-balanced meal last night. I make excuses for why I bought that Peanut Butter Twix bar at the Walgreens yesterday when heaven knows I don't need it. (But it was on sale. For 40 cents. That's like the price of a candy bar when I was growing up. So, in a fit of nostalgia, I just had to.)

See? Excuses.

What excuses are you making today? I hope that some of you will share some here... because surely I am not alone. And if you don't leave a comment there just won't be any excuse for it.
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Kimby said...

Hi, MaryBeth!
I see you're an early riser, too - although you're probably running by now, while I'm sitting here sipping coffee! (I'm not a slug, just a slow starter...!) :)
Your devotional today about excuses really hit home. Anytime the Holy Spirit nudges my heart with a "you should..." (whether it's through a devotional, sound advice from a friend or a Scripture verse that leaps off the page), I need to pay attention. Those "you should's" are heavenly assignments (even if they feel like "exercise...") and making excuses only delays God's plan. You never know who He wants to impact with our obedience to a nudge! We can only trust that the Holy Spirit is prompting us because there's a PURPOSE behind it!
So, keep on running :) and THANK YOU for the inspiration to stop making excuses!

beautymom1 said...

Hi MaryBeth, I make excuses all the time. Just yesterday, I finally got up off my fanny and started doing what needed to be done. In my house, we are trying to adjust to the fact that I am now taking care of my daughter's 2 1/2 yr old son. It's been quite a month. It's no coincidence that I happened upon your blog. It just further reinforces what I need to do. I make a lot of excuses and it blocks my creative energy. Thanks so much for your comments!

JottinMama said...

Excuses. I'm full of them. I make up excuses about why I should eat a twinkie instead of an apple and why I should watch TV instead of doing laundry, etc...And yes, I also make up excuses for bigger things in life - like why I don't serve my community more and why I don't get in The Word as I should. It is funny that I happened upon your blog today because just this morning I was reading some parables in Luke, that brought to mind excuses I make for just about everything. Thank you for the devotional and blog entry! They really hit home!

I think I am gonna go put on my running shoes....

Vern ~ Inspired said...

You got me...I make excuses too!!

Sometimes mine is with exercising...but I guess today it is phone calls I need to make and organizing my home.

I need to get it going!!

Thanks for the encouragement!

April said...

"I am the queen of excuses, I have one for every selfish thing I do....."That is from one of my favorite DCTalk songs from yesteryear(I substituted queen for king). I really needed this devotion today. I have been making excuses for years for why I can't do one particular thing. I don't have the money, I battle panic attacks, I'm responsible for too much, I'm terrified, I wasn't created for it, I never wanted to do it.... the list goes on and on.... I know it will take time to rid myself of all my excuses, like you said one brick at a time. But, I know it's time, and though my breath catches in my throat at the thought, I have to trust that God will be with me, and I can do all things through him who gives me strength!

Jennifer said...

I am making plenty of excuses these days. First, the excuse I've been making the longest....not exercising. I am overweight and events that have happened in the last year and a half have not helped. I have gained so much weight that my family offered to buy me a membership at a gym. When they did I didn't go. I got depressed over other things going on and I have really let myself go.
Second, was the depression I kept making excuses as to why I shouldn't seek help but when I finally did I was so glad I did and couldn't believe I didn't seek help sooner.
Anyway those are just two things I make excuses for. However, I have made a promise to myself that I will stop making excuses about everything and start getting something done about it.
Ya'll have a good day and God Bless

Anonymous said...

Dear Marybeth,

Your devotion was written by you, through God, for me!

First off, I can not run. I try. But, I can not. I will continue to try and will continue to make excuses why I can't. I dream of being able to run 5 miles consecutively. I can hardly stand to get 1 mile at this time! For example, when I run on the track at the gym, I have to convince myself every single lap to continue for just "one more lap".

There are so many other excuses that I make, I couldn't begin to write about it all here. But, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the awesome devotion today!

With all God's love,


Anonymous said...

I am the queen of making excuses. Now I see how my action are taking an effect on my family. I will put an end to this today because I was Born to Run.

Cathy York said...

I received your devotion just as my boys and I took a break from homeschooling for a snack. I was stuck by how it was another reminder (sent by God) for us to move towards the difficult things of life. I read the devotion to them and we discussed the difficult things that we try to avoid. We also had a great time sharing stories of what happened when we trusted God and moved towards the difficult thing. Thank you for the reminder.
I am a runner too and like you had a tough start but now love it! I have used it as an example many times when we face hard things. Great devotion! Thank you for your commitment and love for the Lord. We all benefit from your stories!

Blessings--Cathy York

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your devotional today. I clicked on the link for your blog and I'm glad I did! It further confirmed exactly what I've been making excuses about - spending daily time in God's Word and in prayer. It hasn't been happening.

Yesterday I found myself agitated and just plain gnarly - I kept wondering why. I let the morning get away from me w/o that time I KNOW I so desperately need. As I was working out later, I spent time in prayer, and that did help some, however, I need that daily time w/ God.

Thanks for the boot!


patricia said...

I didn't realise it but I am an excuse maker also. 1.I would love to run but my excuse is that I have short breath,I even bought a pair of running shoes, but I have never run. 2.I would love to dance in church my excuse; my knees hurt, I might fall etc. And so it goes on. I thank you for your message of encouragement today, I will run and dance because I have legs. God will take care of the rest.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marybeth, I just started praying again in morning. I'm still trying to justify why I'm not excercising again. It's too hot, It's too late, I'm too tired.. Thanks for sharing at least I know that I'm not alone. Debbie

Joy said...

A day late, but not a dollar short. This one's right on the money.

I, too, was not a born runner. I played every team sport there was, and even in those I wasn't the running type (a soccer GOALIE, a softball pitcher/fielder, a volleyball setter (they hit the ball to me, so I didn't have to chase it), and even in basketball, i didn't make many trips up and down the court). So when I recently lost 50 lbs (after 200 lbs of excuses that looked like food and laziness), i figured i ought to try the running thing again. Funny thing was, i kind of liked it, and signed myself up for a race. A BIG RACE... half marathon. And it's in two weeks... and i find myself making excuses about why/how i cannot finish and maybe shouldn't go. Then today, the Lord reminded me through your words that "Nothing is impossible with God" and that excuses are just pounds of pity and overweight worry that I am carrying to keep me from living the fullest life God has for me. So... I'm lacing up and pressing on. 13.1 here I come! And until then (and after), I'll be fleet footed for the Kingdom!

Miss Sandy said...

I just read your devotion and it really hit home. It made me realize that my excuses are often phrased as, "When I have (fill in the blank), then I will (fill in the blank." It made me realize that I can't always wait until the conditions are
right. If I wait, time and opportunity will pass me by and I don't want to miss a thing that God has in store for me even if it just a simple lesson in discipline and obedience. Thank you for your words of encouragement to stop making excuses!