Tuesday, August 19, 2008

When Eeyore Wins...

Note: Before you read this post, you must go watch this clip so you can get the voice down and read it in character, the way it was intended!

Hello, this is Eeyore here, letting you know that I won an honorable mention over at Scribbit's place in her writing contest. My old friend (literally an old friend-- we were in Pioneer Girls at church when we were like, 8) Sarah won. I guess an honorable mention is better than nothing. But I am happy for Sarah. Really. I am.

Something tells me you don't believe me. Perhaps you detect my little competitive edge... the one that likes to WIN. Oh well, maybe next time. And Sarah? If I had to get beat by someone, at least it was you-- you deserve it! Your post was way cleverer than my brain is capable of being. Well done!
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sarah said...

Well then we have to start a mutual admiration society because I think you did an awesome job!

Thanks for the words of encouragement!

God Bless,

Scribbit said...

Well maybe being a guest judge in September will help ease the pain? :) Or maybe it'll just add to a busy schedule? :) If you're up for it, I'd love to have you.