Tuesday, August 12, 2008

An Update

Well, we have decided that, for now at least, we aren't going to go back home tomorrow. Curt put the big kibosh on that idea today. He reminded me of what I was going to do-- put a sick, clingy baby in a carseat and drive four hours home (while she most likely screams) with two other kids, all with hardly any sleep. Then he also reminded me that painters are at our house right now painting all our dark wood trim-- with a stinky oil-based paint. He said the house smells and the furniture is all pulled out from the wall. He said, "Believe me, if you can avoid coming home for a few days, that would be best."

I don't think that us coming home and ruining his nice quiet time with just our oldest son had anything to do with his recommendation, do you?

But it did make sense. So, I called and cancelled the appointment I had for tomorrow and am just praying for the best-- I hope we made the right call. If worse comes to worst, I have found a local pediatrician I can take her to. It just doesn't feel as comforting as going to our pediatrician, though.

Also, Karen posted a few photos and her thoughts on our time here on her blog-- so check it out at!

ETA: After a few commenters warned me my daughter could have strep, I opted to go ahead and go to the emergency room tonight. So, just as dear, sweet Karen was starting spaghetti for the seven other children (don't you just wish you were here!), I left with the baby. After several hours waiting on Xrays (her arm that hurts), strep culture results, medicines to be ordered, etc. we left with a diagnosis that was not strep, not even an ear infection-- just plain, old croup. Croup, I will add, that can't be touched by antibiotics. The same antibiotics that have torn up her stomach and caused terrible diarrhea today. Totally not necessary.

So, just a warning to mothers everywhere-- be careful how quickly you accept the diagnosis of a doctor, and how quickly you give your child prescribed medication if you aren't certain of that diagnosis. It will take awhile for her system to recover from these antibiotics that were never needed. I am just glad she didn't have anything seriously wrong with her. And I am glad that I didn't drive all the way home to hear she had the croup. But I am also sad that I gave her medication she didn't need.

And mostly, I am tired. And hoping to redeem some part of this vacation in the days to come.
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Walking on Sunshine... said...

Hi...I think you should take her back to the clinic you originally went to if she's not better by tommorrow. I will pray that the Lord will touch her and give you peace about your decision so you can enjoy the rest of your vacation!

drucillastitches said...

So sorry your sweet little one is sick, I will be praying for her! Just remember, God is in control and it will be OK! I'm praying your trip will be safe and smooth!!
I enjoy reading your blog, it's an encouragement for me.

Amy Wyatt said...

I haven't been reading blogs this week because we had an interrupted beach vacation too. Your trip sounds like ours. We spent all night at the ER with a status seizure last Wed. Spencer is doing better though.
I hope your little one is feeling better and that you guys can enjoy the rest of your trip! I'll be praying for you all!
Tell Karen I said Hi.

Vern said...

I checked out Karens pictures...loved seeing the girls!

Thinking of you today and praying for you!