Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another Update

It rained here at the beach all day.

This afternoon, Karen and I had our first conversation that lasted longer than 15 minutes since she got here on Monday night while the kids went stir crazy in the background. The baby actually played, a little.

I changed 7 diarrhea diapers in a six hour period last night while the rest of the world was sleeping. (In case you are keeping score, that's three nights in a row of hourly waking.) I strongly dislike antibiotics and overzealous doctors right about now. Dear sweet Karen went to the store in the rain this morning to buy us some diaper rash ointment while I stayed home with the screaming-in-pain baby.

I did get a one hour nap this afternoon while she slept. Then I got a shower. I even conditioned my hair and shaved my legs, even though my husband is miles and miles away. Afterwards, while drying my hair, life seemed possible again-- I don't know whether it was the nap or the shower, or some combination thereof.

It was, incidentally, the first time I have showered since Monday morning. It's hard to bathe when you are holding a child who has draped herself across you like an extra piece of clothing.

We're hoping for a better rest of the week. And now, I am off to help assemble the baked potato bar we are doing for dinner. And there are rumors of warm brownies with ice cream on top made by the girls this evening for dessert. I intend to eat every bite.
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Amy Wyatt said...

Praying for you guys to enjoy the rest of your trip! And for the baby to feel better.

MrsProverbs31 said...

I'm sorry you have such a tough time during your vacations. I know those diarrhea diapers can weigh you down sometimes, but it's all worth it, when they return and say, "you're the bestest mom, ever." Praying for you.

Natalie Jackson said...

There is nothing like warm brownies with ice cream on top. I am glad that you both are feeling better.

Bonita said...

If anyone deserves a warm brownie it's you. Hope little one mends quickly. At least you're there with someone funny who can help keep your spirits up. Hope the rest of the week is a true vacation for all. Maybe the baby will be so tired that she will need to catch up on all that sleep she missed and you can truly rest and relax.

Anonymous said...

You poor thing, this has been such a rough week for you! But praise God that He sent you an angel to help with your other kids and so you wouldn't be lonely. Can you imagine going through all this AND you're the only adult around? God is all caring and never leaves us alone. Praying the rest of the week is better, and you and your baby girl recoup.


picketfencemom said...

Sounds as though maybe things might settle down now...I hope! Sick babies and vacation don't mix very well, do they?
Hope you can all finish your vacation with a bang! Hope you enjoyed the brownie/ice needed it! LOL
Amy O.