Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Got Some Celebratin' To Do!

My friend Jill got baptized at our church on Sunday! Elevation did spontaneous baptisms where you just go forward and get baptized-- no announcement in the bulletin, no inviting your entire family and going out to lunch afterwards-- just a personal, intimate decision to stand for Christ and proclaim your relationship with Him, not putting it off, not making excuses-- doing it right away, just like they did in Acts. Over 600 people responded. Very, very cool.

Last night my daughter came downstairs excitedly saying, "Mom, come see this!" She took me upstairs and showed me on the computer this video she had found. (Jill is the dark-haired girl who starts showing up in all the pictures about midway through.) I have no idea how this got on YouTube, who shot the video, or anything. But whoever you are-- thank you!

What's really cool is that just recently I was wondering to myself if Jill was still going to church and staying active in her small group. (We go to two different campuses of the same church.) And then God allowed me to see this video to offer me not only confirmation that she is, but affirmation that she is continuing to grow in her relationship with God. Some of you who have heard me speak have heard me tell Jill's amazing story of how God drew her to Himself and allowed me to be a part of that. I plan to include it in this book I am proposing. So, I am not going to tell it here-- just to keep you in suspense! I'm mean like that.

Today I plan to spend the day praising God for what He has done in Jill's life and praying for those people I know who need Him like Jill did. I am praying He makes Himself real to them as He did to her, making His abiding love and His presence undeniable. If you have someone in your life who needs to know the Lord, I invite you to join me in celebrating what He did in Jill's life and asking Him to do the same for the people you know who need Him. As the song in the video says, "Greater things have yet to come, Greater things are still to be done in this city." In our city, and in yours.
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darnelle said...

Hi Marybeth,
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your sessions at the HOTM Conference. I especially enjoyed hearing the story of your brother and his later success.
I have spent years attempting to give hope to HS moms who've become discouraged because their children display mountains of evidence of being a 'slacker'. Every kid has a fire - a God given passion - that needs to be found and nurtured. Doing that is almost never easy. I loved the fact that your Dad didn't give up on your brother.
That's kind of what I preach to the ladies I work with. Never give up. And PRAY!
Anyway, your brother's story was very encouraging. I know that all of the other conference attendees would say the same.
Blessings to you and yours!

Laurie Ann said...

Another sister for Heaven! Yay!!!!! I know you must be so happy for her. Thank you for sharing that with us!

Jody said...

My name is Jody. I am in Jill's small group at Elevation. Actually, I am the small group leader. If you only knew what she has put me through this past year... :-). Sunday I just knew it was going to be her day. We called her dad so he could be part of it and hear all the excitement. That is who she is talking to on the phone. It was an amazing day. I am so glad you found the video!