Monday, July 07, 2008

We Interrupt This Move...

To head to the beach!

We are taking a few days away from boxes and unpacking to spend some time with my family in Hilton Head, SC! My mom, stepdad, stepsister, her husband, their two kids, their friends and their two boys, me, Curt, the two oldest and the baby are all in one (large) house on the beach. (Yes, that's 14 people in one house.)

(The rest of our brood is with grandma on another beach trip.)

We are having a great time reconnecting with old friends and family we don't often get to see. (These are the same folks who hosted the "Johnny Depp lookalike party" you all might remember from about a month ago down in FL.) I will return soon with several posts-- including photos from our move, photos from the Fourth of July, and from this trip.

I forgot my cable to download photos or I would have them up already! See you back here real soon!
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Jenni said...

Terribly jealous! Have a wonderful time!!

Kelley said...

AHH, beach envy continues....Enjoy!

Shari said...

Was gonna call you today cause I'm having "Whalen withdrawals" -let's just call it WW syndrome (and no, that doesn't stand for Weightwatchers). Luke told me that he has no idea why you are spending money on a babysitter next week when he and I can just go to your house and stay with the kids while you're in Orlando. Nevermind Dave would be home alone...he was concerned more about not seeing his new 6 friends for a whole week! I think he'd like to just move in....hmmm! Have fun at the beach! love, Shari

Laurie Ann said...

I hope ya'll have a wonderful time!

Debra said...

Hope your having a wonderful time Marybeth. A great idea to break from the unpacking.