Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Posting At Write At Home

Some of you know that I have a blog I post at weekly over at Precious Moms called "Write At Home." For those of you who know, you might also know that I have been severely neglectful of that blog in recent months. Well, Lord willing, I am back to posting weekly on one of my very favorite subjects-- the craft and business of writing-- especially for moms who want to write at home. (Hence the title-- clever, eh?)

I just posted a great quote from Charles Martin about the necessity of just putting your fanny in the chair and cranking out that book. If you are a writer or wannabe writer, head on over there and read what he has to say. Good stuff!
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Anonymous said...

Hi Marybeth,

Would you be able to list some other homeschooler blogs? I'd love to read some.

Thank you,
Kelly S.

Marybeth said...

Hi Kelly-- check my sidebar to find some good homeschool mom blogs. By Sun And Candlelight, As We Walk, As Cozy As Spring, Cajun Cottage, and Real Learning are some of my "not to be missed" faves!!