Monday, July 28, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Here is our menu from now until next Monday night!

tonight) barbecue chicken sandwiches, homemade oven fries, salad

Tuesday night) my son's 12th birthday dinner! He chose to have country style steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, crescent rolls, and chocolate pudding pie instead of cake (A note about this simple pie. Get an Oreo pre-made crust, make chocolate pudding-- can do "cook and serve" just to make yourself feel like you put in more effort-- spoon into crust, chill for several hours, then add Cool Whip. This pie is always the first one gone at the swim team banquet and my kids absolutely love it.)

Wednesday night) small group cookout-- I have to bring a side dish of some sort

Thursday night) Taco salad. The P31 girls are having a get-together and I am bringing taco meat for taco salad for that, so my family will also be having this.

Friday night) Chicken and stuffing in the crockpot (crockpot recipe from Fix It And Forget It Entertaining), black-eyed peas

Saturday night) Steaks on the grill, baked potatoes, broccoli

Sunday night) ham slices, lima beans, frozen waffle fries (That's our date night, so this is what the kids will be having while we eat dinner out!)

Monday night) Tex-Mex Chicken over rice (crockpot recipe from Fix It And Forget It Entertaining), corn

Today my daughter and I have plans to make chocolate chip cookies (she ran out of time to make them on Saturday) and peanut butter cookies. These will last approximately two days in our house-- three if we are lucky. Between the pies and cookies and the Klondike bars I just bought, that will be our desserts at night. Do I always offer dessert? Yes. Most every evening after dinner I have something sweet for those children who eat all their food. But I also don't allow late night snacks once dinner is over and the kitchen is cleaned up. I think this establishes healthy eating habits. My mom didn't allow it and I do not struggle with wanting to snack at night because I wasn't raised doing it.

Do I eat dessert every night? Absolutely not! I keep the Weight Watcher fudge bars around for when I feel absolutely compelled to indulge. This is usually enough to satisfy my desire for something chocolate and at only 100 calories, is a guiltless choice. My kids are forbidden to touch them!! My biggest trick for myself to control my eating is to 1) fix my dinner on a salad plate instead of a dinner plate for portion control and 2) to brush my teeth for bedtime very quickly after I have dinner so that I don't want to eat after that. I don't like to ruin my clean teeth, plus stuff tastes terrible when mixed with that toothpaste taste! I had one friend tell me that would never deter her from eating, but it works for me!
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MrsProverbs31 said...

How exciting. I love people who have all their weekly menus plan. I wish I have that discipline. I usually decide what I'm going to cook the hour that I'm cooking it. I am such an impromtu person. Sometimes, I exercise trying to get it all planned out, even just one meal and when I start cooking, I change it. For some reason, I just cook what comes to my mind.

So, is that...bad? You'll have to tell me. You sound so organize. I don't have receipies, I cook with items I have. So, when i happen to cook a good meal, people ask me for recipies and I am clueless. Help this disorganize girl, will you?

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I love reading your blog. I love your recipes, menu planning ( I do this too), and that you sound so down to earth and real. I read some of your archives (I am not sure of which month) and the post that you talked about your kids being "normal" really touched me. My kids are normal kids but absolutely the best to me. They are average to above average in school, have talents of their own but really do not overly excel in any of them. However, they are happy kids, love God, and have a wonderful family life. I guess I say all of this because the school system that we are in and I work for seems to have an awful lot of Academically Gifted kids. That's great but I have often wondered the accuracy of the testing. I remember when I was in school maybe 10 or so out of my whole class were gifted. Now atleast 5 out of each of my kids classes are. Anyway, that's fine, it just raises questions in my mind. So, thanks for your post. I was wondering if you have any family budgeting ideas, it's always nice to hear what works for others.
Thanks! Laura

Liz said...

Love the blog...thanks for telling us about your meals. I think it's so interesting to see what other moms are cooking/baking for their families. I cook almost every night. I do enjoy it, and the smiles on my kids faces make me want to do it everynight. I don't really plan for the whole week, but I do think in the morning what we want for dinner, and go to the deep freezer and take something out to defrost. Then a cooking I will go. Keep it up, your family will appreciate and love you for it.

Micca said...

okay, I have to know how to make chicken and stuffing in the crock! Sounds great!!

And weight watcher deserts are FAB!!

When are you going to publish a cook book?

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Yum...taco salad, my absolutely favorite thing in the whole world. That is always my default order at any restaurant if I can't decide.:)

Anonymous said...

I know this may be a crazy question, but how do you make Taco Salad?
Also, how do you come up with your weekly menu? Does it ever change throughout the week?
Thanks! You are so encouraging to go above and beyond.