Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Greetings to all of you who are visiting today from the P31 devotions! I hope the idea of a goodie bag that assures others of God's love for them inspires you to make one for someone in your life!

We at P31 are still in "recovery mode" from an exciting weekend at our annual She Speaks Conference. Scroll down to checkout some photos of our time together. I will also be posting more later today about my time there, so check back.

To take a peek at what others are saying about She Speaks, visit this link for a list of other bloggers who attended this weekend. Over 550 women joined us for a life-transforming, God-encountering, ministry-defining time. Why don't you start praying today about joining us next year?? :) Mark your calendars for July 31-August 2nd, 2009!
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grey like snuffie said...

The P31 devotion was so timely--Thank You God! I have a friend who really needs to be reminded of all those Truths--what a wonderful way to express them. It really is all about "which voice, whose thoughts are we going to listen to"---it must be His Truth!

Debra said...

Thank You Marybeth. The devotion today was a incredible reminder to me about God's Love. I was reading it thru my tears. This touched me greatly.
Thanks for sending all those photos of she speaks. How wonderful to meet all those woman you blog with, email and chat with.Keeping you in prayer for your move.

Allison said...

If I officially become one of the board member (whatever) of my MOPS group, I'm going to try to remember this because it sounds like a GREAT welcoming gift for the moms of the group! (For lots of others too, but MOPS is what I thought of first! :-))

I'm enjoying seeing what a wonderful time everyone had at your conference this last week! It must have been amazing!

Beth said...

Your devotion hit me hard this morning. Just prior to reading it, I was having a conversation w/ God about finding it hard to be at the center of His love, through others. I burned my hand w/ hot oil last night and had to go to the emergency room. My sister drove and her brother and his girlfriend came along. He is a paramedic and actually walked us into the ER. It was very awkward for me to sit there and be "the center of attention" because of something I had done. I felt unworthy of the attention.

This is awkward because I know what the Lord says, that there is nothing I can do to separate me from His love, but yet, I still struggle w/ being accepted, and accepting His unfailing love.

Angela - Life w/ One Busy Boy said...

Fantastic devotion today!!!

Natasha from Canada said...

This was sent to me on my birthday! Thank you for writing this. It came at exactly the time I needed it. Praise God!