Saturday, June 07, 2008

I Only Wish I Had Something Interesting To Say

The past two days have been a blur of activity for our family, which is the reason it's been pretty quiet over here on the old blog. Even in the midst of all that activity, I have not come up with anything insightful, humorous or even interesting to say about it all. But in the interest of keeping up with my posting on a semi-regular basis, I will try.

Thursday was my daughter's 8th grade graduation. She has only been at that school for one year, so it was not near the emotional experience it was for some. The only time I teared up was when one of the boys that was making a speech looked out at his mom and publicly thanked her for all the things she has done for him over the years-- and then got so choked up he couldn't finish his speech. (I will add that my son made a speech there last year at his eighth grade graduation and my name was not even mentioned. But I'm not bitter.) There was not a dry eye in the house! Most all the moms were crying. Why? Because we were witnessing a child rising up and calling his mom blessed-- the reason we all run this race every day. For every day that boy took what she had to offer and seemed not to notice, I imagine it all melted away in that moment. Not that we do it to be thanked, but what a gift that was-- not just for his mom but for every mom in the room who needed that dose of hope that they do notice.

At the end of the graduation, they played the country song, "You're Gonna Miss This." And while the song was touching and definitely true, I had to disagree with them playing that song for a middle school graduation. Because there are a lot of things in life that I look back and miss and realize I didn't appreciate at the time. But middle school was not one of them. Not even a little bit. Middle school is something, in my opinion, that is to be survived and escaped. Not looked back on with fondness. Your middle school experience may have been all wonderful and fun. But I lay odds on the fact that most of you do not have sweet, happy middle school experiences. Mine involved lots of standing around at dances wishing someone would ask me to dance to All Night Long or Total Eclipse of the Heart, worrying about zits, dealing with catty girls, trying to figure out how to act older than I felt, and never seeming to have the right clothes.

Nope. Not an ounce of missing that in my whole body. Now high school... that was a different story.

Moving on.

Yesterday was one of my favorite days of the year-- the annual used curriculum sale in the park. There is no charge to sell at this thing, so people come from everywhere to lay their books out on a blanket and see what happens. I have sold there for several years, but this year I just went to scoop up some deals. I found a few good deals and, though it was seriously about 100 degrees outside, it was a fun way to spend a morning. Of course, it would have helped if I had not had two children following my every step whining about how hot it was, how thirsty they were, and how much they wanted to go home. (I paid my 13 yo to watch the 2yo so she wasn't with me.) But we made it and I rewarded them with lunch at Subway. We cooled off in the air conditioned restaurant and had a nice time, just the three of us-- a rare treat.

The rest of our life right now is taken up with swim practices, swim meets and rehearsals for the play my son is going to be in starting next weekend. If you live in the Charlotte area, be sure to check out Footloose at Matthews Playhouse. The first weekend it opens they are offering buy one/get one free tickets. So take your kids or your hubby and reminisce about the greatest decade ever-- the 80's!! (And yes, I was in middle school in the 80's, so see? It wasn't all bad. At least the music was good.) I know I plan to see the play several times. It would be embarrassing for me to admit how many times I have seen that movie. Like, totally.
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Alyce said...

I enjoy you taking me back to the 80s! I think the music was just about the best thing about it. My sister in law called me the other day, said she was in wal mart and thought of me when she saw OP bathing suits!! I told her all we needed was a Member's Only jacket to go with it!!
As far as middle school and high school..DON'T MISS either one...I don't miss being a teenager!

Anonymous said...

So are you hs'ing any of the children right now? Or going back to it? Or were you just at the curriculum sale looking for supplements and gems?

sarah said...

Love the garden & kid shots!

Hey - I just wanted share the coolest thing. I went to a little writers group starting up here in my little town by one of the long-timer columnists on the local paper who writes on history, etc. Not knowing what to expect (Liberal? Christian?) I brought your book to show. It ended up only being the host, myself and one other woman. Apparently this other woman wants to write music and she was looking for a devotional to encourage the girls in her church to start writing either music or inspirational material. She had just bought your book from an online search! How cool is that.

See you at SheSpeaks! It is coming up so fast. I have to figure out what to wear.