Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Garden Goodness

"Our" garden

These flowers were just too pretty not to get a photo in front of them!

She loves the hammock swing

Here's where the kids spend their time on "weeding Wednesdays"

playing with friends


playing with the chickens, bunnies and other critters

And here's where the moms spend their time-- actually weeding

Moms hard at work in the hot sun

Celebrating the first fruit of our labor-- a radish! This was a definite Kodak moment!

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Alyce said...

Isn't gardening so much fun Marybeth?
I have thought I'd post a picture of our garden on my blog, but just haven't. I have thought taken pictures of my goodies from it, but have not posted them either.
We have been enjoying potatoes and broccoli and its been sooo good! I just can't wait for the others!

Digging for Pearls said...

Hi MaryBeth,
The garden looks great! Just wanted you to know that I will be praying for you as you prepare to go to She Speaks. May God use you in a mighty way that weekend.

Renata said...

G'day Marybeth,
Just wanted to say I love your blog - found it through Lysa's.
I love your gardening pikkies. What a great garden!!!
Renata :) said...

Oh, my, what a beautiful garden. I'm still waiting for the "call" to gardening. I assume it's coming. Lol.

MooBeeMa said...

WOW! Your sun looks so warm and wonderful. We are still shivering in Oregon. Thank you for inspiring me to get my garden going. If only it would stop freezing at night!

Sonya said...

What fun! We got a late start on our garden and haven't seen any fruit yet. Hopefully soon. :) Loved the pictures.