Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I wanted to wish you all a happy mother's day! Most of you who read this blog are moms, so I don't want to miss the opportunity to wish you a wonderful, memorable day. And, for those of you whose families let you down in the "Hallmark memories" department today, may I direct you to this article, which is one I actually wrote years ago, but dug out for the May edition of Heart of The Matter online magazine for my column called, "Because Life Happens." This is an example of how life happens-- and not always the way we want it to! So, if your mother's day is a bit of a letdown, let this article minister to you.

My mother's day has been wonderful! I think my family has learned. That and a strategically timed reminder email to my husband earlier this week. Oh, and the helpful hint that whatever he does or doesn't do for mother's day will set the precedent for father's day. I know, I know, I am shameless-- but crafty. You must admit.

Last night he took me to dinner at the sushi place, where we dined on rice bowls with Katsu fried chicken and broccoli on top-- yummy! Then we saw Ironman, which, frankly, was disappointing. I had built it up to so much more in my mind. This morning I woke up at 10 am-- I can't remember the last time I slept that late!! Awaiting me was the morning paper, a hot cup of coffee and a Krispy Kreme chocolate donut. In my card were gift cards to Steinmart and to Barnes and Noble. Then we went to church which was great-- they even treated each mom to her own boxed gourmet chocolate chip cookie. This afternoon, I am taking it easy. Tonight we are meeting my mom and stepdad for dinner at their favorite pizza place. All in all, a nice, relaxing day. Nothing super exciting-- but I don't want super exciting. Relaxation and low key days are where it's at. Maybe I am getting old-- or maybe I am finally discovering the secrets to enjoying life.

"To want what I have, to take what I'm given with grace," Don Henley.
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Lisa B @ simply His said...

I loved your article! Thanks for sharing it.

My husband asked me repeatedly what I wanted for Mother's Day, and I told him I didn't want anything. No presents. No cards. He went and got me my favorite breakfast and that was great -- but he does it every Sunday :)

I would be at a loss if someone asked me what my family did for me though. It's awkward to say I didn't want anything and they listened :)

Sonya said...

I appreciated this post. I have had past experiences when I was disappointed on any given holiday. God has shown me that it is usually my own wrong expectations that are causing my grief. I'll always wonder why we put so much pressure on one day a year!

Blessed with 6.