Saturday, April 12, 2008

T Minus One Week And Counting...

My foot has improved a lot in the past week-- thanks so much for your prayers! I am walking around more than ever with the boot, and am even getting back to doing housework. I am hoping that it will just keep getting better during this next week so that I can be ready to take on Disney World next weekend! For those of you who are new to this blog, I am going with several other mom bloggers on the first ever Disney Mom Bloggers Mixer. We are all very excited and have spent lots of time talking about our trip and, most importantly, what we are going to wear?? Which leads me to what I did today:

I did something I had been wanting to do in preparation for Disney. I went shopping. Curt and the kids drove me to Kohls and dropped me off while they headed to get haircuts. It took a long time to look at everything and it was nice to just have time to meander without little people to keep up with. I went home with several cute things and have already gotten all my stuff organized for the trip. It is hanging in the closet, ready to be packed up. Just looking at it hanging there makes me excited!

Here are a few of the things I learned on my shopping excursion today:
1. It is not a good idea to shop for clothes after you have been sitting on your behind and not exercising for a month. This will make you feel worse than ever.
2. The new, longer shirt styles that are fitted through the bust but hang a little looser in the stomach are a mom of six's best friend. They do, however, lean a bit too much towards the maternity styles you have spent approximately five whole years of your life wearing. However, you can make your peace with it once you look at yourself wearing a tighter, more fitted top. Especially since they are in style. You just try to forget the recent incident where your husband totally insisted that this woman at church was pregnant because she had one of these on. You think instead about how you will not be the only one wearing such a shirt and, therefore, will be less likely to be suspected of being pregnant. One can only hope.
3. Buying pants without trying them on is never the right thing to do. You will only end up having to go back to the store at a later time to return them. It is, however, virtually impossible to try pants on when one is wearing a large black boot with about a million straps on it. In this case, trying them on at home is about the only option.
4. It is always a good idea to go through your clothes before you go shopping so you will remember what items you already have and do not need. This will also eliminate uncessary returns. I mean, how many khaki and denim capris does one person really need, I ask you?
5. There is nothing that will motivate you to clean out your closet more than going to the store and seeing all the latest fashions. I came home and--even though my foot was killing me from standing on it for so long-- went through my closet and tossed out a ton of clothing that was a) horrifically out of style or b) had not been worn all winter and, most likely, will never be. My husband was so excited. Nothing makes him quite so happy than to take a huge pile of my old clothing to the Goodwill.

I plan to post photos of the Disney trip, so you will get to see me in my fun new clothes. My friend Shari always teases me about not being a fashion girl-- but the truth is I absolutely love to buy clothes. I just don't shop that often because it's not good for our budget. I do better to do a shopping trip about twice a year.

And finally, for those of you who have a blog, do you ever not post because you feel like you have nothing to say? Well, this post is an example of the fact that sometimes, if you just make yourself sit down and start typing, a blog post will emerge. I will let you be the judge of whether said blog post was a waste of time or not. Never mind, I don't want to know.
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Valerie said...

According to my closet, one can never have too many khaki and denim capris. After all, they go with pretty much any of those cute tops.

And Goodwill told me yesterday that they are in need of clothes. This is when I dropped off 3 stuffed garbage bags full of clothes just from my closet. Sad.

We're headed to Disney in the morning, so I'll let them know you're coming :-)

Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

I LOVE being able to wander around a department store by myself. It is like therapy and if I don't get to do it at least every other week I go a little stir crazy! Of course I don't always buy something (exercising my self control muscles) it just refreshes me to look at all the colors and styles! If I am feeling a little "big" that day I steer clear of the clothes and stick to handbags, shoes and jewelry. It will be fun to see the pictures from Disney, you must be really getting excited. I am so glad to hear your foot is cooperating and getting better!!

Take care,

Nancy said...

So glad your foot is healing :-)
I thought I was the only one in the 'I don't have anything to blog about' category.
Enjoy your trip!
A mom from MS

Kelly said...

I wore one of those tops the other day and kind of felt like it looked like a maternity top, but the funny thing is, women who are pregnant wear the more form fitting tops now, and women who aren't wear the babydoll, smock tops that are in style! They are forgiving in the stomach area, it's just figuring out the right bottoms to wear them with. I am sure you will have a wonderful time on your Disneyland trip!