Friday, April 04, 2008

My Left Foot

I haven't posted an update about my foot for awhile, so I thought I would as many of you have written me privately to ask about it or to tell me you are praying. Bless you all for taking the time to do that.

I have to say, "Keep praying!" I can definitely tell it is healing, but it is not there yet. I can put the slightest bit of weight on it now, and can tolerate the boot. Last week I went to small group with the boot on and was able to walk down our steps and into and out of their home. Slowly. But it was walking and not on crutches so I will take it. I am praying for major progress in the next two weeks as I prepare for Disney. I am hoping for additional healing plus just gaining some strength I have lost by being off it for three weeks straight.

We have had meals brought in straight for these past few weeks, which is no small blessing. We are so overwhelmed by the kindness of so many people caring for our family. It has made all the difference to our survival just to have this one thing taken care of. Our meals end on Saturday, so that will be interesting. I am still not up to standing and stirring at the stove, so that means that Curt is going to be doing lots of frozen, "quick-fix" type things. I hope to quickly be back to cooking as, believe it or not, I miss it!!

And so, that's where I am. This imposed time of sitting has been great for my writing. I have been able to get lots done and I have never been more on top of my emails! So, there is blessing in all things. Sometimes you just have to look hard to find it.
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Anonymous said...

Praying for a you! I just read this and catching up on some posts.