Friday, April 04, 2008

My Dolphin Friends

Today I was reading the book "Dolphins!" to my 2yo because, since I have been off my feet, we read a lot of books snuggled up in my bed together. It is one of the things I can still do with her and will be a sweet memory from this time.

Today I was especially touched by this part on page 20:

Dolphins live in groups.
They help each other out.
Sometimes a dolphin gets sick.
Or hurt.
It sinks in the water-- and can't come up for air.
It could drown!

Other dolphins gather around.
They swim under
the sick dolphin.
They push it up and down
until it can swim by itself.

Dolphins are mammals so they can't breathe in water like fish. They have to come up for air every few minutes. If a dolphin gets sick and can't swim up for air, it won't make it. So, its friends come along and push it up to the surface for air, working to keep it alive until it can do it on its own again.

As I read this today, I thought it was a sweet word picture for what my friends and family have done for me these past few weeks. Swimming under me and hoisting me up to the surface-- lest I sit at the bottom and just drown in despair. I could not have made it without the amazing gifts my friends have given me-- too many to list here. But suffice it to say, you know who you are. And I thank you, from the bottom of my little dolphin heart.
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Sarah said...

How sweet! I didn't know dolphins did that. And I love the word picture!

Laura said...

awesome word picture...little do you know how much you are impacting and ministering to others during this season of "sitting" in your life. the wisdom you have shared about raising your family/mothering/wifeing etc has blessed me abundantly. thank you...may God continue to heal and bless....

Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

That is so awesome! I love when we see God at work in His own creation like that! Nature just screams of Who God is, we just have to open our eyes and minds to see it!

I am glad to hear you are healing, even if it is a slow process. I can think of worse places to rehab than Disney World. LOL!

Have a great weekend!


Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Amen and Amen! I have been in situations where I needed to accept the kindnesses of friends, and was so thankful for each and every one of them.

Amy L Brooke said...

I love dolphins! When I was 10 I wanted to be a dolphinologist. Okay, there is no such thing, but I didn't know that and had heard words like geologist.... I was going to have a big house with a pool in the back and 6 kids and at least 2 dolphins and I would study how the kids and the dolphins communicated. I had it all planned out! Hmm. Not a think in my life looks like that.

Dolphins are also one of the only creatures that can kill sharks. They do this by ramming them in the gills.

And when a baby dolphin is born, another female helps the mom by acting as a nurse as the baby dolphin grows.

I used a variety of whale species in a community talk once. Mink whales -- reclusive. Humpback whales -- group of 3 or so that change periodically. And of course the picture of community -- the pod of dolphins. :-)

Melissa said...


You are a dolphin. I have often seen you first hand lift those around you up. I love you!


Jenni said...

Aw! How sweet is the Lord to send us little gifts of imagery like that when we need them? He's so creative, it never fails to astound me.

I'm glad you have lots of help and support...

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that you have such good friends! That is such a blessing. :o)

Cindy Swanson said...

Marybeth, my kids are all grown up now, and I DO cherish the memories of reading to them! Apparently they do too...I've heard them talk about it on occasion, and they all like to read to this day.

I liked your word picture as well...