Monday, March 17, 2008

An Attempt To Talk About Something Other Than My Foot

Yesterday afternoon, we got a call that they wanted to show the house. Now, seeing as how off kilter our home is right now, that is a pretty big request. We have considered taking our house off the market, but we reasoned that we are not really getting that many showings to be worth doing that. And so, yesterday as I sat around and observed, Curt and the kids cleaned the house and got it "show ready." Then he left me at home while he took the kids out of the house for the supposed showing. I say "supposed" because the people never showed. We were stood up. This would only have been our second showing, so we were semi-excited to have one.

When Curt got back, I really did not want to tell him that he had gone to all that trouble for nothing.

Today my realtor called to check on us and to apologize for what happened (even though it was totally not her fault of course) but she just felt bad. She offered to come over if we get any calls for showings and help me tidy up the house especially if it was during the day when Curt is at work and I am home alone with the kids. It wasn't but a few hours later that I got a call that an agent wanted to show our house. I hung up the phone and immediately called our agent to find out how serious she was. Not only is this my first time alone with the kids since I found out it is broken, but now I have a showing thrown in the mix!! She assured me she would be by to help. I am so grateful right about now for a great agent who is not afraid to go the extra mile to try to help us get our house sold.

So, if you all think of it, would you please pray for this showing today around 3-4 eastern time? I would love to sell this house-- even though, as my mom said, that might be the worst thing that could happen seeing as how I would be NO HELP AT ALL with moving. But we will cross that bridge when we come to it.
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Joyful said...

Just wanted you to know I'll be praying this afternoon. How amazing that the Lord gave you such an incredible agent! I'm going to set the alarm on my microwave to beep at me so I'll remember to pray right on time...and praying that these people show!!

Lori said...

Praying for you, Marybeth. God's timing is always perfect.


Carol said...

It's almost that time now! I will pray!

Alyce said...

I popped in just in time..
Lifting you up and the showing..

Take care..

Debra Zantman said...

Sent a prayer up for you!
PS-Thank You for writing on your other blog, read it this morning.

Charlene Kidd said...

I am a bit late reading this post, I said a late prayer for you. I hope it went well. I also got my name and availability on Paige's list. I hope I can help somehow.

Jenni said...

I hate being stood up when it comes to house showings. UGH! People can be so inconsiderate.

I hope the showing went well and that your house sells quickly, Marybeth...I sent up a prayer yest. when I read, but I'm only getting around to commenting now!

Digging for Pearls said...

So sorry to hear you broke your foot. I'm praying for you as you are in the midst of trying to sell your home.