Friday, February 01, 2008

A Reminder

This was my quiet time today. Thank you Lord for this reminder that You are our Rock.
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Mary Lou said...

That was beautiful....peace just flowed over me like a river....she has a way with words and creating word pictures. Thanks for sharing calming....Blessings on your day.

Debra Zantman said...

That is wonderful. She is a woman of words.Thank You for sharing.
Have a wonderful weekend. said...

I see you can use some quite time. You have a beautiful family. Be blessed.
Your sister in "Christ"
"K" said...

Can you please tell me how to direct my friends to my blog. I am tech ill. I like point and click and the help page on the create blog did not help. I don't want to write if no one can read it. I can do that in my paper journel. Sorry about this question, but I have your site saved in my favorites so I can visit every day.
Your sister in "Christ"