Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Running, Again

After a two month break, I am back to running with (I hope) some sort of consistency. I did not intend for the two month break to happen, but somehow one thing led to another and it did. Not to be cheesy, but the new year and fresh start inspired me to stop making excuses and get back to what I know I need to do. Although I will admit that I feel like a cliche when people pass me while I am out running. I know they are thinking, "Awww, isn't that cute? She is trying to keep her new year's resolutions." I want to explain to every car and pedestrian, I was already running long before this. Perhaps I should make a sign to wear? But really, why do I even care if I am a walking (or running, as it were)cliche?

Back to my point: The first day was grueling. But I did it. And I felt positively wonderful after I did. My lungs ached in a fresh, worked-out way for the rest of the afternoon. It was great. I used to hate people who talked like that, by the way.

And so today I ran home to this song. It is a great song to run to, as the beat is a perfect rhythm to match your feet with. But more than that, the lyrics about dreaming are great. As I ran, I thought about my own dreams, and how committing to take care of myself and maybe even to run a 5K this year (or next, no rush) is being accomplished little by little with these daily investments. And then I thought about how most every woman I meet has a dream she fosters in her heart, tucked away in a secret place. How most people she knows don't even know it's there. Some days she doesn't even remember it's there. And then some days, she takes it out, looks at it longingly, pets it like a Persian cat, at once fluffy and finicky-- then tucks it back. And how little by little we can all work towards our dreams-- no matter where we are in life. And then there are those of us who have had dreams we had to exchange for God's dreams. And are learning that, when we do that, with willing hands, He blesses beyond what we can ask or imagine.

What are your dreams? Better yet, what dreams has God planted in your heart? Maybe you want to run a marathon (think running isn't spiritual? Eric Liddell said that, when he ran, he felt God's pleasure), or write a book (remember that conference call is tonight!), or open your own business, or take beautiful photographs, or make beautiful music.... Or maybe you are dreaming of a healed relationship or a deeper walk with God, or the day when your children rise up and call you blessed. (What mom isn't dreaming of that day??) Whatever your dream is, today I encourage you to take one little step towards it. Don't be shy. Don't apologize. Just one little step. That first mile, run with gusto. Knowing that great things are accomplished little by little, step by step. Some famous dude said that "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one little step." Or something like that.

It's true.

A bonus question: leave me a comment and I will mail a prize to the first person who can tell me what movie the song I wrote about was in? Hmmm, tough one.
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Jennu22 said...

Hi! I love love LOVE your blog!! I check in everyday!!!! I'm going out on a limb here as to your bonus question: I believe the song is from Tequila Sunrise with Mel Gibson??? If not it's ok...i tried ;)) Blessings, Jenn

MrsProverbs31 said...

Thank you for the encouragement. Sometimes, that one step is all it takes, but often time, it is the step not taken.

Marybeth said...

Jennu22 was right! It was Tequila Sunrise! We have a winner!

Valerie said...

Mr. at Home was once inspired to begin running. He found an article with a training program called something like From Couch Potato to 5K in 6 weeks. So he got his overweight tookus off the couch and ran a 5k a couple months later. A year later he ran the same 5k and came in third place in his age bracket. He went on to run a marathon before that year was out.

So there's some inspiration for you.

Lisa B @ simply His said...

My dream for 2008 is to stay in God's will whatever that may be at the time. Other than that, He's laid a dream on my heart to be a writer -- which is absolutely scary when I look at you and some of your P31 friends! But I will write. God will deal with who will read it! Oh, and another dream of mine that I'm working towards is learning to ride a motorcycle. My husband got one back in Oct and I want to be able to ride my own :)

This year I have lots to learn! (and yep, I'm signed up for that class tonight!)

Anonymous said...

Good for you for running Marybeth!!! It is so rewarding to do something good for your body. I love that "just excersized feeling". Keep on going!! And you better be eating some breakfast :)

Carol said...

Hey, MaryBeth. I just ran my first 5K at the beginning of '07 and I ran two more before the year was out. They got easier. I'm hoping to run the Atlanta Peachtree this year. It's a 10K. I'm still not there yet. Do you have the ipod nano? If so you should get the sports package ($30) that goes with it. It will give you your pace, calories burned, time, etc. If you tell it you want to run a 5K, it even gives updates telling how far you've gone. Good luck!

Holly said...

Oh my, I was going to say 'Chariots of Fire' !!!!
How sad it that?