Monday, January 21, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Last night my cousin Nancy and I sat at my kitchen table and discussed easy recipes with my mom for about an hour. And it was fun. Because: a) I am a nerd through and through, b) my cousin and mom are nerds and brought me down to their level or c) menus and cooking are a necessity and if you can make it easier by sharing recipes, then bring it on!
And so, I present to you my meal plan for the next few days. Next weekend we are going out of town blessedly, blissfully ALONE and the grandparents will have the pleasure of feeding my children. So, I get a break in there which will make this menu plan last me a good, long time. Therefore, I am not putting days on my menu. Mostly because I like to wake up and decide what I feel like cooking. If I get up from a bad night, I am going to choose an easier dish. If I am hormonal, I am going to choose an easier dish. If the kids are busy running somewhere, or I have a girls night out or my husband is working late or not at home, I am going to choose an easier dish.... are you seeing where this is going? I am most likely to choose an easy dish-- so they better ALL be pretty easy! (Which brings me back to my conversation with my cousin about easy recipes.)
So, after alllll of that talking, here's the menu.
Tonight) Chicken Fried Rice, pineapple
Tuesday night) Baked Potato Soup topped with cheese and bacon bits
Other options to choose from:
Beef and macaroni (goulash), baby carrots with ranch dressing, rolls
Barbecue beef sandwiches, tater tots, lima beans
Couscous chicken tenders with vegetables
baked chicken, sweet potato wedges, peas
chicken milano served over angel hair pasta, steamed broccoli
slow cooked flank steak served over rice, salad
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Org Junkie said...

Oh how I love me some nerd company! Sounds like you've got a great week ahead especially when you can look forward to some time away. That sounds heavenly!