Friday, January 11, 2008

Cool Links For Your Kids

I got these great links through an enewsletter I get from Veritas Press. Veritas is a wonderful curriculum company. I have used many of their products in years past. Here is a snippet of their newsletter. Check out these links whether you homeschool or not!

Even young ones can benefit from the resources available in cyberspace. I recently ran into some web sites that can be used to supplement your schooling. One will help make interesting connections to the past. It lists interesting historic events that happened on today’s date, whatever it is, in the past:

Two others provide free coloring pages—great resources for younger children during the cold winter days:

Another includes fun science experiments:

I just found another one that wasn't in the newsletter, but it looks good. This one has free math worksheets among other things:
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Gina said...

You are such a wealth of information!!! Thanks for all the cool links you give us.

Carol said...

Thanks for the info! I have given you an award on my blog! Come by and see it. :)

Laura said...

Thank you, Marybeth! you have the best resources! I love that you share! My boys will enjoy these links.

Kelly said...

Just discovered your blog-have enjoyed and will be back!