Monday, December 10, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday, Wordless Wednesday, Works For Me Wednesday, the Thursday Thirteen, Show and Tell Friday...

these are all events in the blogging world I have every intention of participating in... then forget all about half the time! Since Laura over at Organizing Junkie did the review of my book, it jogged my memory to post my menu plan today. And no, we are not going to exist off cookies, cookies and more cookies, tempting as that might sound!

Here is our menu for this week:

Monday) chicken tacos, applesauce for those who want it

Tuesday) Vegetable Beef Soup, homemade rolls or cornbread

Wednesday) marinated chicken broiled and served over pasta pomodoro, bagged salad

Thursday) barbecue chicken, wild rice, corn

Friday) probably Chick fil a-- several of our kids are going to be gone doing various fun activities so we will treat the ones who are home to dinner out!
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Tiany said...

Your menu sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing!! I have your info up on my blog for the Door Prize! I wasnt sure if I let you know!


Org Junkie said...

Sounds like a wonderful week and I've bookmarked your yummy cookie recipe. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love reading other people's menus...I always get inspired. :o)

I'm so glad that I found your blog again...I somehow lost you for a while when you moved. (Do not ask me how. I really have no idea. But here you are!)

Jess said...

you are such a fantastic cook. i love this glimpse into how you successfully make dinner for your awesome brood :)