Wednesday, December 19, 2007

In Memory Of Dan

This morning Curt was at his computer working away when he asked me, "Did Dan Fogelberg die?"

"I didn't hear that," I responded. Of course, I am not up on the latest news, so that is not a good indicator of whether something has happened. For the longest time I thought the Unibomber was a plane and wondered why everyone was talking about it. I am too covered up in kids to keep up with news. Not to mention that my morning shows for the last fifteen years have been children's programming on PBS instead of Good Morning America.

Anyhoo, I told him to Google it and find out. And I braced myself for him to tell me that Dan Fogelberg had indeed died. Because when Itunes has on its front page, "A Tribute to Dan Fogelberg, 1951-2007," that is not a good sign.

He came in the kitchen, "Yeah," he said, "Prostate cancer." The same thing that killed my beloved grandfather. I tell my kids not to use the word "hate" about things, that that is too strong a word to just throw around. But I hate cancer.

And so today I have listened to this song, because it is, appropriately, the time of year to listen to it. But also because it is my favorite song of his. And because many years ago a friend of mine got to see him in concert and I was very jealous of her. I had just one question for her after the concert, "Did he sing Same Auld Lang Syne?"

"Yes," she said. "In fact, he said that he always gets asked if that really happened. And it did. Pretty cool, huh?"

Well, that just made me like the song all the more.

And so, here is a link for those of you who would like to listen and remember. And maybe say a prayer for his wife, and his friends and family, and even the real person who ran into him in a grocery store one snowy Christmas Eve. You know her heart is heavy too.

So, what is your favorite Fogelberg song? Do you have a special memory attached to one of his songs that you can share? Leave a comment so we can all remember him!
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Joni said...

So sad! I loved Dan Fogelberg. too. Growing up in Kentucky I really loved his "Run for the Roses" song. He was such an excellent songwriter!

Blessings, Marybeth!

Irina said...

I first heard of his cancer a couple of years ago while on vacation. I was praying so hard he would beat it! I think my favorite has to be 'Leader of the Band' although your song is also up there. In fact, which one isn't?!?! There was something so magical and touching about his every lyric! May he rest in peace!

Kelly said...

When I was a teenager in the
mid 70's, Dan Fogelberg was one of my favorite musicians...I had his first four albums. I think Souvenirs was my favorite album but I loved Captured Angel too. My favorite songs by him are Wysteria, The Last Nail, and Auld Lang Syne. I was fortunate enough to see Dan in concert at the Paramount Theater in Seattle, probably was 1975 or 76...a wonderful show. He and Jackson Browne were my two favorites of the rock/ballad music of that time (Late for the Sky and For Everyman by Jackson Browne were awesome too)..I am glad to hear that Auld Lang Syne was a true story, I always thought maybe it was.
One thing that I remember kind of concerned me was one song he did that had the lines "there ain't no Eden or heavenly gates you're going to make it to one day"..(I think it was on Captured Angel) and I remember as a teen being a bit worried about "is Dan a believer"? I pray that he did find the Lord and is singing and glorifying him today in heaven. Dan truly was a big part of the music background of my teens! He will be missed.

Kelly said...

I almost forgot about "Longer" as being such a lovely favorite song too!

MrsProverbs31 said...

I've never heard of him, but then as my daughter boldly professed, "you don't notice a lot of things, mom".

gina said...

I love that song!!! It is one of those songs that I have to wait until the whole thing finishes before I can walk away or get out of the car. I did not know he passed away either. But I am like you, I have no clue what goes on out in the real world.

Jen said...

I was very fortunate to see him in concert back in 98 I think. He was excellent and such a die-hard musician. He insisted on playing most of the instruments for all of his tracks, including the french horn! What a lovely talent, what a sad ending. He will be missed.