Sunday, November 11, 2007

Wish I Had Something Exciting To Say

But I don't.

I just finished listening to MC Hammer sing "Can't Touch This" on my Ipod. And I never, ever hear that song without thinking about my friend and suitemate Athia running into my dorm room and dancing to that song whenever it came on-- which was a lot. Athia is married now and has two little boys. I wonder if she will still bust out and dance to that song when she hears it?

Athia had a real life Big Fat Greek Wedding-- Greek girl marrying non-Greek boy. We went to her wedding and it remains one of our best memories. Her wedding really was like the movie. And she is so like the main character in terms of how she views her big fat Greek family. We, of course, loved them and spent the whole ride home from her wedding talking about how our white bread families lack the culture and connectedness of Greeks, Italians, etc.

Speaking of being Greek, I totally forgot to blog about my friend Zoe coming over here to teach me how to make baklava this week. This is one of my favorite treats to buy at the Greek festival (an annual date for me and my husband). One time I told Zoe that, and she waved her hands exclaiming, "I can teach you how to make it!" And so, it took about a year and a half to happen, but we did it! My mom came and she and I were both pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. And can I just say that this baklava is the BEST I have ever tasted? We are enjoying it piece by piece, savoring every bite. Zoe makes 300 pieces every Christmas and gives it away. Not sure I will ever do that-- but I can tell you that I look forward to making baklava part of my Christmas baking tradition.

Thanks Zoe for giving your time and talents to my mom and I and helping us embrace a new tradition in our home!
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Cay said...

Hi, Marybeth!
I was thinking about you today. :)

I watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" on Saturday night. They had it rerunning throughout the night. I watched it twice. I love that show.

We often say we have a "Big Fat Cajun Family" over here...only we aren't so fat. LOL

How are you?

Email me sometime.